Scarves H Eyeliner Scarves

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  1. This is SO much more attractive than it looks on the web site. (adds to wish list ...)
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  2. It is such an easy scarf to wear. The other day I was at Hermes and this elegant lady (she was wearing a black box Plume, enough said) was buying it in the color way with the orange border (it is a kind of rusty orange, very nice). So I told her I had it in the citrus border and she said, oh I also have that one. And she was even considering a third, as she said they just went with everything and found herself reaching for it all the time over her other scarves.
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  3. Summer meetings are so difficult. I had a quite important meeting and I knew this whole outfit was not right from the moment I got there. Far too casual. No one cared (consciously) but I felt like a spare cog in the proceedings and Mr. Suited (no qualifications and freelancer) to my right DOMINATED the whole room (I felt myself tipping leftwards the whole time). I would write a note down and he actually use them word for word in his next 'speech'!!!!. Our team were a success and got the ''thing' passed but I guess this not a power scarf and I was severely underdressed. I totally got it wrong for this one.

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  4. Oh dear I hate it when I feel that I got the outfit wrong, but kudos to you on the success. We must push on anyway and btw, I love that scarf. :heart:
  5. Thank you periogirl, I think I was slightly lulled into casualness by our sunny spell. I think I could make this scarf work with a little black/navy suit (of which I own many). It's a very 'bouncy' scarf to tame though.
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  6. I really appreciate your telling us this story! We've all been there (I certainly know Mr. Suited . . .) and it's good to think about why something doesn't work - maybe even more important than understanding why something else does. So glad you were successful and enjoy that gorgeous scarf in another context!
  7. I cannot judge about the underdressed thing but the scarf looks great, and it would kill it combined with a sharp navy blazer.
    This is the (sad) reason I always always wear a blazer and happily risk being overdressed when I am meeting externals or people I don't know. I have become more flexible and casual in the everyday and with my staff, but we have all met Mr. Suited too many times...
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  8. I'm sorry you had that experience, @papertiger . A hard-won data point for future planning .... FWIW that outfit would rock in my office :smile:
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  9. Thanks guys.

    We learn by our mistakes.

    Obviously there are Mr. Suiteds everywhere and I thank you kindly for your sympathy. I am so glad you know the type even though I am sorry that you have all run-ins with Mr Suited too. I was even duty bound to go drinking with him after work to show our hospitality. At least I was dressed appropriately for a pub on a weekday afternoon.

    Love my scarf BTW. Perhaps you are right doni, maybe it's meant for casual, I'd like to try the pale blue BdG with the Jaune Vif border again. Out of all the scarves this season and even for next I am still being pulled back to that one. I love the texture of these Eyeliners.
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  10. Thank you for sharing! Ugh Mr. Suiteds! As a person carrying a little (a lot?) of weight, I look terrible in trousers but (I think) good in dresses. As I work in a relatively casual field I am often overdressed, especially since I started wearing and not only buying and admiring scarves. Which I and everyone around me got used to :smile: Good to hear that this experience did not put you off the scarf, which is truly lovely.
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  11. Thank you layla.

    Certainly hasn't put me off these lovely and interesting scarves. I'm just a bit too used to dressing as my mood dictates. Sometimes I need to dress a little more strategically.
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  12. Wearing mine again, Summer seems to be the season

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