Scarves H Eyeliner Scarves

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  1. So very true. I am not a fan of gingham, as growing up I was required to wear gingham dresses or gingham pinafores over dresses. Albeit, the dresses were all lovingly handmade, the required dresses left me with MEH. LOL. Perhaps I'll feel differently when I see and feel in person.
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  2. You are an astounding enabler, PT. I was still a bit hesitant till I saw it IRL. The only eyeliner I'd seen previously was your bordeaux Dallet, and I think I dismissed it because I was already satisfied with the two I had in that design.

    I also took a look at the red BdG eyeliner, but no lust/greed/love erupted (cue image of chestburster epic fail). It is very pretty and smart. The eyeliner weave gives it a different vibe from the regular twill.
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  3. Only the best picnics!
    215-32-300061716154722.jpg Luxury-Gifts-Women-discount-tweed-picnic-basket-with-tableware-min-1024x1024.jpg andrew-james-4-person-premium-traditional-picnic-hamper-blue-check-p412-8194_image.jpg
  4. It was a slow grower on me too, had to go back to get it. It helped that I only had Tigre Bengal and Les Tigreaux, if I have another I've forgotten
  5. Check out the DC too perhaps, there's no gingham check
  6. Bolstered by this thread I went to my local store ( Manchester, UK) to retry the Della Cavalleria which I love the look of, but it didn't love me back.
    Manchester has now received all three colours of Della Cavalleria if anyone in the UK is desperate to acquire one and they are on open display whereas they were hidden in the drawers before Christmas. I will have to wait and see if I can finally find a DC in a colourway and format that I can live with. I do so love the design - it manages to be fresh, nautical and horsey all at the same time!
  7. My wallet is so happy when that happens :P
    Della Cavalleria is glorious as a moussie. The only time I found it was at KL airport, but the sole SA was coughing and wheezing, so I fled :nuts: (price was also higher than home, so double the reason to go).
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