Scarves H Eyeliner Scarves

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  2. This dishcloth commentary is ruining my desire for this. Seriously, I had sent the link to the Hubs and just told him forget about it, he asked why, I told him and he chuckled. I had chosen this one in marine/Blanc and a mens Namaste. Umph. I need to see it in person.
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  3. The pattern you see on Bardot’s skirt is called Vichy in French - tiny colored squares on a white background

    IMO it’s quite hard to pull off but you ladies do it very well !
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  4. That's right, Vichy is the term @frou frou used when I bought it.

    Famously, I think BB had a wedding dress made from it too
  5. You'll get over it, I'm sure :biggrin:
    I have a Fleurs d'Ecosse - had to unsee the blanket :doh:
    Passed on a Mors et Gromettes Vichy because I couldn't unsee the picnic cloth.
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  6. I am so sorry, did not mean to spoil it for anybody.
    Please try it in person, that might be the game changer (texture, print...). And if not, better you made that association now than after spending money on it and never wearing it.
    Oh, if I were crazy rich I might get one for my kitchen (not to clean with it but to shock people!)
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  7. :lol:
  8. Yes, indeed, dooneybaby! And tpf photos heighten the desire for more! :annoyed: :lol:
    :loveeyes: That Pani Madras pointu is gorgeous, lanit! Too enabling!
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  9. I've never been good at delayed gratification. Sent out a feeler to my wonderful SA and she located a stand-up-straight vert/blanc Della for me :nuts: (mod shots another day...) (eyeliner relative with you, PT!)
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  10. Perfectly at attention! ;) Congrats!
  11. Honeylocks... You didn't spoil it for me. I'm so finicky, from one week to the next. I have scarves that at times I love, and other times not so much, just to love again most times. It's better to wait on this one, for me. I hate returning purchases.
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  12. No worries, everything will remind someone of something. Check fabric is also synonymous with British Mod shirts, Italian bistro tablecloths, Victorian clothing, French ingénues, mid-century aprons, pin cushions, picnic baskets and jam covers. I eve had a school uniform in blue ad white check. This scarf does play tribute to all those practical things. However, this is the Rolls Royce of check and once seen IRL beyond all comparisons.
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  13. Now I'm jealous. this is soooo smart :ps: Congratulations!
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  14. Wow .... your writing is evocative @papertiger ! I hope I will have a chance to see this scarf IRL sometime.
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  15. Picnic basket?! There's another idea for @HoneyLocks fantasy use, an elegant silk in a picnic basket with scrumptious treats. :graucho:
    I might drop by my local H and see if the DC in marine cw comes home with me.
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