Scarves H Eyeliner Scarves

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  1. Congrats on hitting 5000! (Celebrate by buying another scarf... :biggrin:)
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  2. As I mentioned yesterday, @papertiger commanded me to follow her with the red Dallet eyeliner scarf and it just arrived! Quick pix before I have to leave the house. I like it. It's very different than anything I have (and I have no Dallet!), an off-beat color for me, and it's so cheerful. I think of all three eyeliner designs it's the best for me, as I am presently fed up with wide borders LOL. There is a wee bit of the kitchen dishtowel, as someone mentioned. Does anyone think it's too much? And there is a sort-of stiffness to the corners that I think I can work with and--as I mentioned--the back is killer!
  3. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  4. Thank you, xincinsin! Oh, dear, that seems to be the foregone conclusion! :lol:
    Wonderful photos, moma! :heart: Hilarious comment on dishtowels...:lol: I favour knots #5, 6, and 3, as you showed them. The royal tiger and the sheen of the silk certainly dispells any idea of household linen.
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  5. I really like how it ties and even though I "do not do cat scarves" (except Jaguar Quetzal) I adore the faces and eyes in this one, a real power scarf. Too bad we can not post textures for others to feel...
  6. Sorry, could not resist, I even have the right colors.
    Please, do not expel me from the forum, I do not mean to offend, just kidding *running into hide* IMG_20190109_223723.jpg
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  7. Thanks for the encouragement.
    Yes, it has a smooth and slippery feel that other carrés don't. Back to you, @papertiger!
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  8. Exactly. I wondered if this is an "American" thing.
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  9. hahaha, don't worry, I love your collection! :biggrin: (Oh and also putting the H scarf on my list regardless!)
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  10. You look fabulous twin!

    I was expecting the 'dishcloth' comment from DH ad instead he said it was so smart. Gingham is very French beat. more Bordot at the French Riviera than Bardot at the sink myself.
  11. You just look GAW-JUSS, Dahling!
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  12. These remind me of the Pani Madras pointu and the Circuit 24 special edition Commes de Garçon scarf. They both have a bit of stiffness that is really fun. Snaps from the archives.
    B9EC8A0B-0C9A-4234-B83F-448E305F795D.jpeg E86D55E7-2DCD-4BB6-86B3-9952D9D2C5E5.jpeg
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  13. Twins on some of those, HoneyLocks! :graucho:
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  14. That is stunning! I really like how you tied this! This is so tempting....Really fab on you!!:flowers:
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  15. Thanks, everyone. There's a really fun feel to this, and I like the simplicity. I only have one other finesse or two-toned scarf and it's black and gold: very sophisticated (or old-fashioned, LOL, depending on my outfit). So this is a nice change.
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