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  1. #1 Jan 7, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2019
    I bought another AW scarf recently, another the week before, as well as a SS19 but this is the one that most excites me. I never even gave this one a second thought until I saw it on someone else, it wasn't even all love when I first tried it on either but somehow I couldn't stop thinking about it and had to try it again, now I think it's amazing, an 'exceptional' for the price of a reg. scarf.

    Mine is the Dans l'Atelier by Dallet (many will already have this design in other formats). This comes in red, blue or green with white.

    The other print that it came out in is Della Cavalleria (blue, red or green with white)

    We've another thread devoted to finesse before so I don't need to talk about the design print.


    It feels and looks like no other silk:
    The weave seems totally different and apart from the Dallet print, the actual weave is bi-colour. This gives almost a changeant-effect as it moves, the light or the wearer does.
    It doesn't crease in the same way, almost spongy.
    It also feels thicker and stiffer (not starchy) and from trying it on I would be inlined not to tie it like other 90s/twills/pure silks.
    It won't fold as flat on the bias so needs to be remain wider if starting that way.
    Rosettes and some of the other complicated knots will not work as well. Nor will it drape in the usual way. It does however stay exactly as first done.
    Triangle and simple folds folds are fine.
    Fine for a cowboy or large expanse of silk look.

    It's DH's new favourite so I'd better watch out he doesn't borrow it (it would look great on a guy). It almost defines the term 'smart-casual' and I can see me wearing it more for Spring/Summer with denim but looking effortless with a black Crombie coat or fur for now.

    Anybody else have an Eyeliner? What are your thoughts and what are your tips for wearing?

    I will try to take better flat/folded pics in daylight soon. Sorry for the reposting of this mod shot:



    Edited: Correction for DC's cw choices PT

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  2. It looks beautiful on you papertiger! Interesting information, thank you :flowers:
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  3. Just before Christmas, I got the Della Cavalleria with blue border. I also noticed how such thicker it feels compared to other designs. Haven’t used it much yet as the weather in France where I spent the last few weeks was too mild for scarves and - I must also admit - that I didn’t leave the house too often either. Obviously I don’t go for fancy knots and stick to the trusted cowboy style. No useful tip from me I’m afraid. The added “finesse” is a nice twist on a classic design (my first so far) but also reminds me a bit of a kitchen cloth.
    Will try and wear mine tomorrow and take a pic or two.
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  4. PT, I was trying to ignore that shot of your dallet, but now you've gone and done it :doh: Wishlisted!
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  5. Stunning on you! Thanks for this great information.
  6. Here you go: DC Finesse on the move in my usual surroundings.
    Apologies for the rather unkept beard. Must go to the barber!
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  7. PT, it is gorgeous on you! Your description is fantastic as well. I love it when scarves have and retain stiffness/volume; it's so much fun to play with "sculpting" them into jaunty styles that other scarves can't be coaxed into.

    I hope other TPFers have a few more examples of this special weave to show.... [Ha, exactly as I was posting this, @Lostinlondon answered my wish with another beauty!]
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  8. Thank you, I feel very grown-up in this one :biggrin:

    You are proving my point so well how well these scarves look on a handsome man. Refined and fabulous on you. Please continue to explore and let me know your experiences.

    Dear xincinsin, you have such a discerning eye, this seems very much your kind of scarf. I look forward to being some kind of Eyeliner-relative. Which design and cw are you drawn to (no pun intended)?

    I think you may have meant this for me. If so, thank you so much.

    "Sculpting" is exactly the word I was searching for! As you know I like to be in control and understand the nature of each format, this a 90 but not as I know it so I will have to find some time to learn how to work with the special nature of this material.

    I was happy DH loves it too, usually he doesn't notice one scarf from another, he liked it so much he gifted it to me (I hope that does't mean he thinks he owns it...better hide it between wears).
  9. I hope I have done a sufficient job in photographing this scarf as an example.

    Firstly I must show you the unique trick this scarf can do. It can stand up all by itself (nothing under and no strings!)


    Close detail of design


    full front


    Reverse (as you ca see very little of the printed picture comes through so you could wear a simple plainer striped scarf by reversing if you wanted)


    detail of bi-colour weave


    Trying to capture the light playing and the more 'spongy' folds.


  10. Standing up on its own??? Be careful, @papertiger, next thing you know it'll start walking and march all the way out your front door, across town, and into my wardrobe.... :graucho:

    Seriously, though, how great that the pattern of the weave is the same front and back. No white or unsaturated reverse showing no matter how you tie it!
  11. It looks great, thank you for posting. @Lostinlondon would you say it might be more resistant to scratches from let's say something like a beard and other stiffer hair than regular scarves?
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  12. I'm more drawn :giggle: to the bordeaux/blanc Della Cavalleria at the moment. Need to find pics of the green Dallet and black DC which you mentioned. The US website only has the bordeaux and marine cws at the moment.
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  14. @papertiger : You just forced me to the website to get one of these for myself. @Lostinlondon : your photo helped. The tipping point : the reverse!!!!
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  15. Hm, in the stock photos the Dallet looks more gingham-y and the Della Cavalleria more stripe-y. Is there actually a difference in the fabrics? (And I was apparently hallucinating a purple CW, sadly.)
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