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  1. I noticed that the H enamel bracelets are made in Austria. There is a well-known Austrian jeweller, Frey-Wille ( FREY WILLE ), which makes enamel jewelry almost identical to the look of the H bracelets. Michaela Frey was a world-famous Viennese enamel artist. Does anyone know if Frey-Wille makes the bracelets for H?
  2. my lips are sealed.....:whistle:
  3. AWWWW:crybaby:
  4. Why so inscrutable GF? Is this a secret known only to the keeper of the Himalaya? :wondering
  5. Regarding the original qn.. I would hazzard a guess and say "yes", just going by the similarities:smile:) And going by K's coy post, hehe, I would think so too!:roflmfao:
  6. Ok, put it this way...DH is Austrian, and his father (Austrian, too) knows the family who make the bracelets for Hermes.......the um....Frey family.....
  7. Thanks GF- you are always such a great source of knowledge. I was in Vienna in June and fell in love with Frey-Wille's enamel jewelry. Older designs in the Frey-Wille line also pop up on e-Bay from time to time although I prefer the bolder graphics of their current line as well as the H bangles. I suspected a connection with H because Frey-Wille has such an outstanding reputation for design, quality, and craftsmanship.

    Anyone (GF, others??) know who makes Frey-Wille's new line of scarves and pochettes?
  8. Thanks for the info! Wow they have some beautiful designs. :flowers:
  9. Just in case anyone was wondering about the prices I just got this info in an e-mail from Frey-Wille. :flowers:

    "Thank you for your interest in our jewelry. Prices in 24ct. yellow gold
    plating and white gold plating are as follows:

    Mounted bordered bangle (enamel is all the way around and no clasp) $555
    Narrow clasp bangle $780
    Wide clasp bangle $845
    Royal clasp bangle (diamond shaped clasp) $990
    Domino bangle $940

    Mounted bangle $565
    Narrow clasp $855
    Wide clasp $930
    Royal $1090
    Domino $1030"
  10. Yes, they make the bracelets sold under the name Hermes. IMHO, the differences between the 2 product lines are:

    - H sells mostly bangles (a few earrings..) while Frey sells the whole parure - necklace, diff size bracelets, rings, earrings etc - a whole collection

    - The H designs are always related to a scarf design. Lots are self-promotional & full of horses & the letter H. They are in H color schemes - lots of orange , vert anis.

    - The F design collections are on more generic topics : Roman, Egyptian, Klimt, Monet etc motifs. They also are in different color schemes.

    - The H bracelets are made with less expensive enamels (I don't think H uses gold enamels anymore...) so sell at a lower price point.

    - Conversely, the F bracelets have more gold enamels , look dressier and sell at a higher price point.

  11. Hey Kristy, sorry to go so wildly off topic but my DH is Austrian too (as is my Dad, coincidentally) - and it's not like Australia is exactly full of Austrians. How weird is that?!
  12. Michaela Frey I think originally, now Frey Wille I think there range is totally superb and I think I am correct in saying there edging bands are actually in gold/silver not plated, they have just opened a wonderful new shop in London.

    I wear two Frey bangles with my one extra wide H bangle I should maybe post a photo?
  13. The current enamels are now made in France...not Austria. If you have recently purchased one, take a peek inside your bracelet and see.....
  14. Thanks Texasgirliegirl

    I hope to visit the new shop in London soon;):smile:
  15. Oh yes - I think you should, that would be wonderful!! :smile:

    Where abouts is the London Shop Ardneish?
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