H E L P ! ! ! Need advice!

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  1. So, I am an avid Louis Vuitton collector. I am obsessed with the bags! I am looking for a good messenger style bag. My ideal bad is the HUDSON GM...but I don't want to purchase it "new" because I am going to be throwing it around. Anyways, there is no HUSON GM's on EBAY...the reason why i like the HUDSON GM is because you can double the strap to make it a shoulder bag also.

    Since the HUDSON GM is temporarily not available used, I did come across the CONGO PM bag. Does anyone have this bag? How would this bad look across your chest..if you have tried it on before, or own it. If you do own it, do you think maybe you can post a picture of it worn in the messenger way?

    Or, does anyone else have a bag, or seen a bag, that looks good worn this way?

    I don't want the traditional messenger bags found on the Louis Vuitton site, because they are too big...I want one smaller, so I can change the strap to wear it as a shoulder bag.

    Any help would be awesome!

  2. I have the damier Olav pm and love it!
  3. If you don't mind denim then you could go with the baggy with pm or gm. There is also the reporter in monogram...
  4. I felt the same way about not wanting a new Deauville since I was going to be using it for storing cosmetics and travel so bought a used one on ebay for half the price and even though my poupette authenticated it - I could not love it so resold it until I can just buy it new- there is just something about knowing you had it first - at least for me!
    Hope you find one in good condition.

  5. i have the damier tango long strap and it's awesome.
  6. Like the Hudson, the Tulum GM can be worn either as a messenger or as a shoulder bag by adjusting the strap. That might be a good option if you want a larger bag.
  7. I have the Reporter PM in Monogram Canvas. :tup: The strap could be adjusted so you can either wear it across the body (like a messenger) or shortened to be worn like a shoulder bag. I love this bag due to its multiple compartments. I use it as a travel bag mostly. The only quibble I have about the Reporter is the strip of vachetta at the front of the bag. I obsess not to get it wet or let it touch anything that may leave stain marks.
  8. im getting 1 messenger bag too.
  9. I love the Pochette Bosphore. It holds a bunch. Take a look at that.
  10. Damier Bastille, Damier Geant Messanger and Multicolore Rita or Lodge GM are gorgeous, too ;)
  11. denim xs or cabby or baggy pm or gm all are great bags in blue or black or mahina xs in black, white, silver or bronze! Depends on where you are going with the bag!
  12. mono musette. I love that bag.
  13. How about men's style Loup Damier Geant?
  14. or Neo Cabby GM or Tulum GM?
  15. Mahina XS in white or black would be yr great choices ever.