H E L P! Fendi Spy... Cognac?

  1. I have the Cognac and the Teal (Blue) Fendi Spy bags. I like both, but I probably got a little bit more 'wear' with the Cognac. I thought the Chocolate Brown was too dark (quite frankly, it looked like a big turd to me ... sorry, but that's all I could think of!). I don't think the Spy bag looks great in Black either (then again, I'm not really a Black Bag gal anyhow). I would never buy a White bag again ... I have the Balenciaga White Voyage (and all the accessories to go with it) - NEVER used it because I totally ruined my White Chanel Cambon Multipocket Reporter. I've been thinking about putting the Balenciaga bag up on eBay.
  2. That was shockingly funny!...O.K....so you think I will get more use out of the white or blue?

    Lieu....I am having trouble....WHite?
  3. I bought the cognac Spy!!!!!! There was nothing to consider once I saw it! Thank you everyone .so.much.
  4. CONGRATULATIONS :nuts: :biggrin: !!! Welcome to the Spy club! I carried my Cognac throughout the entire summer, and then switched to the Teal in early fall.

    Unfortunately, our weather here in New England is horrible in the winter (as a matter of fact, we had a bad snowstorm today), so I've put them away (they're hibernating) for the winter time!
  5. This is so amusing... :lol: Ya, I hate it when there's this bag that you lust and then when you go in there's no connection whatsoever! :evil:
  6. So happy for you!:nuts: , tell me what I should get?! Cognac or white?...I have chocolate remember.:love: Can you post pictures?
  7. Did you ever see the picture of Nicole Ritchie carrying the White Spy bag? I just don't think it's great look (my opinion).

    How about the Green one? Now, that one is nice!

    (Still like the Cognac too ..)
  8. NO...:sad: I have not seen the pictures, I have to decide by Monday!!!! help everyone please?!
  9. Here's nicole richie's white spy.. n lindsay lohan's

  10. I have a different white spy though... It's supposed to be the spring collection I think...

    Sorry the second picture comes up blurry. Haven't got a good picture of the spy.. when I was carrying it..
    my spy.JPG my spy2.JPG
  11. Generally, I am anti-Spy. Just don't like 'em. But I prefer the white with the black trim to the all white. Just my pointless 2 cents since I don't like them anyway!
  12. Thanks Issmom:love: ...I know you don't like them, I still really appreciate your input, thanks again!

  13. THANK_YOU!!!!:biggrin: ...This really helps me! I am sooooo confused, I will be wavering all week-end , I know it. I am beginning to think I only like the dark colors:wacko: !! Yeeesh!!! I think I may be to fair skinned for the white and I may look PINK!!!
  14. I think Lindsey Lohan looked really classy with that outfit plus the white spy. Gosh, how many spy bags does this chick have anyway??? Oh, I like her pearl pumps!!

    Nicole Ritchie looked way toooo skinny and that white spy looked "off" on her.
  15. Actually, I am fair like lindsay but people think I look like Jane seymour. Lindsay's look in that picture is sooooo me but I wear my Mizi with a similar outfit!!