H E L P! Fendi Spy... Cognac?

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  1. Before I go back home for the winter break, (Alas, I'm leaving Cali for the Windy City!) I'm deciding on whether I should just buy the last cognac spy bag @ Fendi in Southcoast, or wait for another color. I'm not really into the S/S 06 colors, but I don't know if I should wait....

    I really need some input! Is cognac better than brown or petrol? I dunno if I should grab the last one (they put it on hold for me) or get on a waitlist. Help help!
  2. I have the cognac and I love it...
  3. How does it compare in color to the brown one?
  4. If I have to choose between the three color.. I choose the petrol.. The deep color hooks me...
  5. That's funny, I just let the cognac go in Bal harbour today over the phone!It's available now! I let it go because my Sa informed me that he is getting me the honey wisteria spy in Jan. I have the chocolate, (here's pictures to help you) but felt the cognac is more two toned bag compared to the other tone on tone spy bags .I mean the handles on my spy are the same as the bag, which I think looks richer than the cognac. The honey or white or petrol for spring is tone on tone. The handles are the same color as the bag.

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  6. Thank you Star! :love: Yeah, I'm having a hard time telling the difference between brown and cognac, since the pictures online are unreliable (the lighting throws it off!). I'll have to go check tomorrow, but I'll burn these pics in my memory. Thank you, thank you, thank you! =)
  7. No problem....but now you have got me questioning if I did the right thing letting it go for the honey.... Tell me what you think tomorrow!!:wacko: It's too close in color to my chocolate right?
  8. Star, your bag is gorgeous!! I decided on the chocolate myself! I definitely think the color is richer than the honey or cognac!! Thumbs up for us!!!!I just love it.
  9. Last question! Is the color of the dark chocolate more or less like the chocolate brown paddington?
  10. Make sure you check the bag WELL :biggrin: Go for it girl, beautiful!~
  11. Thank-you Lieu! When you see the rich color in real life, you will see how this color makes the spy bag look really classy and wearable for years! It's not as trendy, bohemian as the cognac. The cognac is more casual. The chocolate is more sophisticated.I am happy to have a twin!!!:love: Post pictures when you get it! If you can....it's a pain sometimes, I know.
  12. It's funny, I OBSESSED about this bag for 2 months before I went down to Fendi to buy it. I went in so excited, the associate went to get the bag and my heart was beating wildly, I put it on my arm and THEN...

    Nothing. We just didn't have a connection.

    I like the black best but if I had to choose between all the colors you're looking at then I say the Chocolate. Have fun!
  13. That happened to me when I was waiting for the Fendi Velvet squirrel spy bag!:sick: To each his own....
  14. Wellow, Lieu, Riotstar.......help?
    What color after the chocolate and honey do you like? Blue, White or cognac. I let go of the cognac.... think I need a white one still wellow ( can you post a picture again?)...can't decide on the third color ( I love my spy, can you tell?). I am getting the honey. So that will be 2, my third?Which color? I am going to be in the sun for awhile soon! so I will not bring the chocolate, SO IT'S BLUE, TAN ,WHITE , or COGNAC. :wacko:... i KNOW THIS IS A CRAPPY PICTURE OF OUR BELOVED SPY.

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  15. What a difficult decision. If I could have another spy, I would buy the white one, then blue, then cognac...wait! They're all beautiful colors!! Too hard...sorry, I can't decide myself:smile: