H Drama And A Green Birkin

  1. :sad:Due to some drama w/ DH I was forced to cancel all my H purchases including 'the before increase'. We have that drama once in a while and unfortunately H is always affected.

    I am just allowed to purchase 1 this year (excluding the secret purchases of course-yay I am a bad bad girl). I am about to pay a birkin 30 vert anis:confused1:... I am not familiar with the H green shade but it looks like a bright green. I find it cute and perfect for summer.

    Am I making the right decision? I have a violet and lots of neutral color.
    Thank you and your imput/s is very important to me.
  2. I love vert anis and all H greens. I have two vert chartreuse bags which are very close in color to vert anis. They are great and I love carrying them.
  3. Thanks lulilu! Do you just wear them during summer?:heart:
  4. Sorry to hear of your drama. :sad:
    Vert anis is a beautiful color and very summer and spring like. It will certainly put a smile on your face.

    ...I think your DH and mine might be in cahoots!Mine also thinks one bag a year is just plenty!
  5. Oh RC! One bag a year is not enough:crybaby:!
  6. Hope everything is OK luxurylife88.
    I love all H greens :heart:
    I have a Vert Chartreuse Bolide, and I will use it all year, no doubt at all about that!!
    In the colder months, its a great pick me up, and in the summer, its fun!!
  7. Vert anis is a super colour for a 30 Birkin, you will not regret it!
  8. Sorry to hear about your drama with DH re: H! I have those too, except I just ignore him :p . We've known each other long enough for him to realize that bags and jewelry are my only vice. I think sometimes he wishes that I would be into clothes instead... less damage on the pocketbook. Heh!

    Here is a pic of vert anis (mysore) and chartreuse (clemence) for comparison. I have both bags and I pretty much use the vert anis all year round. With whites and khakis during spring and black and browns during fall and winter.

    Just my opinion, I think vert anis shows best in swift... but then, I am partial to swift but have also seen this combination IRL. It is beautiful, the color richer. Same with havanna - it looks gorgeous in swift ....
    vert anis and chart.JPG
  9. vert anis is gorgeous and it will lift you every time you see it
  10. Oh that is hard...sorry about your troubles with DH. I guess I would have to feel I'd be able to use that green all year around like your violet and other neutrals. If you can do that, then I would go for it. (that is just my opinion as I'm fairly conservative!)
  11. RAZ : nice avatar-your bolide is gorgeous!!! Thanks.

    HELLO 2703: Thank you. You are always an angel. Lots of H info you haveas always.

    ALL ABOUT BAGS: Wow nice pictures. Thanks. I think mine is clemence.

    ALL ABOUT NICE: I am inspired.Thanks...:tender:
  12. YOu're right.:yes: Thanks
  13. so sorry to hear of your drama. (and thank goodness for the secret stash huh!!!??? muhahaha) i think you made a wonderful choice with the vert anis! it's a very happy color! please post pics when you bring her home!!
  14. Secret stash -lol !!! Thanks PBC!
    I'm a bad bad girl!:heart:
  15. You will love your vert anis! i promise you ....:tup: