H.com has cadenas and collier de chien bracelet--is this the wrong place?

  1. Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I see people looking for cadenas and H.com has Hippo and Pegasus in both metals. Also, I thought the collier de chien was hard to get, but it's offered now on the website in 3 colors. White with Gold!
  2. The collier de chien is hard to get in certain colors recently because of the hype behind the Medor clutch. I don't expect those to last too long on the website.
  3. the white with gold is fabulous in person! i was tempted to get it, but scared of getting the leather dirty! i believe it was in epsom...
  4. I've purchased a pocket square from hermes.com and the service is very good. Came packaged well in its orange box! The shipping was quite high, but you know how it is when you want something :smile:
  5. Ok, I didn't see it on the website. Where do you have toclick to get the items to appear? Thanks.
  6. Sorry, found it. Now the only color available is orange. Should have purchased it in the store a couple of weeks ago. Thanks.
  7. When I reported, there was back with PHW and white with GHW and now there is just orange. But Pegasus cadenas for 185 still available.
  8. Sorry, BLACK, not back.