H Colors That Substitute for Black

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  1. In honor of special order season, and all those of us tempted to buy or order black bags but fearing we are too boring/already have too many black bags.....which colors do you feel "replace" black and for instance can be worn with an all-black outfit without being a "pop"? Bleu Indigo, I know, is one, as is the now rested Plomb. Can Vert Foncé work?

    Others? Mod shots? Much appreciated!
    (Mods, I searched on this topic with no luck...feel free to merge into a matching thread....) :flowers:
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  2. I am sure plenty of people will give you all sorts of options but based on personal experience there is no substitute. Actually for me I can't have too many black bags and out of all my collection this color gets far more use than any other.
  3. My Sombrero Blue Obscure PHW Kelly is an amazing sub for black. Not quite black, but a deeeeeeeep ocean blue. Often times, in the winter especially, I find myself pairing black and navy together and really don't want a pop bag (strange for me, I know).

    I definitely think that Vert Fonce can work as an amazing substitute for black! However, I do not think black itself is a boring color at all or something that shouldn't be So'd. In fact, I'd love to SO a black chevre Birkin. I think the sheen of chevre adds a special touch to basic black. Also I feel the hardware choice makes each bag speak a different language to my soul.
  4. I knew it, I will be getting ANOTHER black Kelly. LOL. And fair enough, I don't have THAT many black bags. One black B, one black K, one GP, one Evie and a Chanel WOC.
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  5. Croco in Vert Foncé is very very very beautiful but boring and old fashion if other pebbled leather. I think raisin goes well with all black outfits. I recently fall in love with smooth leather in vert olive, which I think goes supprisingly well with black outfits
  6. Vert cypress could work as well? I have a cypress rodeo and it’s really quite dark and neutral
  7. Yes! I think So too! I also Think blue nuit looks quite dark, but also stands alone as a blue. Also Graphite looks quite dark, but still a dark grey.. i would Also say etain, for the same reasons
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  8. My vote is blue indigo black indoor, blue outdoor.

  9. Yes, I love vert cypress as a close alternative, yet not boring, alternative to black!

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  10. Bleu Indigo or Raisin for me!
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  11. Another vote for Indigo.
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  12. Vert Cypress?
    It almost looks black, you will only see the difference if you pair it with black’
    Like my vert cypress rodeo and black kelly IMG_3637.JPG
  13. Graphite in clemence? (My SA recently told me that she thought my B35 was black.)
  14. Thanks everyone! I was really hoping Vert Cypres would be available for SO this season. If I want to order my "black" bag, Bleu Indigo and Bleu Nuit seem like the best choices....I don't see Graphite available and I have a Raisin bag already (not that I wouldn't LOVE another!). I'll ask my SA to look out for Cypres :heart:
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  15. Now I want a black B.
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