H Clutch Reveal

  1. For those of you who remember, my resolution for 2017 was to stop buying Bs/Ks and to add a H clutch to my collection. Let me share my H clutch journey.

    My first Jige - Noir swift

    I loved the Jige so much. Soon after, I got my second Jige. I just had to bring her home. Here she is... little Ms Sunshine.

    My second Jige - Jaune Poussin /Craie Doblis. Isn't she special.

    After two Jiges, I was ready to get a Kelly Pochette. It was not easy to get hold of one. I was offered Glycine swift KP but I passed on it as I didn't like the color with swift leather.

    As I was about to give up, I was offered little Ms Bubblegum.

    My first KP - Rose Azalea swift in ghw. I am overjoyed. Thanks for letting me share.

    Group shot of my H clutch family

  2. Your nice resolution turned out to be better than scoring a B. Love Ms. Bubblegum. I only have one SLG in Rose Azalea but loves the saturation. It is just a happy color. Congrats.
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  3. So many new h members joining your family
    They looking fabulous
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  4. I first got a rose azalea carmenita and I got hooked to the color. I am so thankful to my H fairies.
    Thank you so much dear. Love your collection too.
  5. You've found yourself 3 beautiful clutches in the 1st quarter of the year, you did amazing well! And look at the colors, they are so pretty & rare too. :flowers: Congratulations! Good start of 2017!
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  6. Wow! In love with all three:love:
    The black swift is so classic, and the doblis so special.
    The Kelly pochette is so gorgeous as well, and fun with a pop colour.
    Good finds, and such a nice way to start 2017:tup:
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  7. congrats love everything!
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  8. Congrats Miss Al! Your latest addition is such a beauty :heart:
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  9. Beautiful H clutch. Congrats
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  10. Congrats, Miss Al!!!! We are twin on the KP. Isn't the color lovely!

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  11. Love them all! RA KP is amazing! Congratulations, enjoy these beauties!
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  12. Gorgeous!! I love kelly pochette's--I have been trying to get one for ages, but my local store hardly ever gets them :sad:
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  13. Wonderful selections! Enjoy!
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  14. Beautiful!
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  15. Love your H clutch family. So cute!
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