H Cadenas/keychains on other brand bags?

  1. How do you feel when Hermés cadenas or keychains are attached to other bags (LV, Chanel etc.)? Is it somehow "breaking the law", to put it quite sharply:p ?
  2. Ha! I have been thinking the same thing! I wanted tp put a Cadena on my LV Lockit bag, but I just kept thinking that my LV was sooooo not worthy of it!:p
  3. WHY NOT?! I've seen Hermes Twillies tied on LV bags and it looks great! If you can do a twilly, why not cadena?:graucho:
  4. I like the little leather fruit/animal charms/keychains on the LV. The splash of color looks pretty on the LV browns, I feel.
  5. I second H addict "Why not?!" We mix designers in clothes. Hermes makes such cute charms & key chains that they can only enhance other designers bags.
  6. Loves it! It´s great that I could have something H on my LV´s, and I agree the mono canvas would be a great background for both cadenas and those cute animal keychains!
  7. i'm not lucky enough to have an H bag yet so for now, i will put my heart cadena to my other bags...i tie my twillys and pocket squares to other bags and think it looks so cute :smile: for example, i have my pink les triples pocket square tied to my LV speedy in epi vanilla...i think the pink looks realy cute with the vanilla..
  8. I use the fruit keychains on my Goyard bags and I think it looks cute :smile: On the other hand, I have used Prada and chanel charms on my H bags too. I don't mind mixing the brands at all because I love dressing up my bags and whatever charm I put on them depends on my mood of the day :p :shame:
  9. i just got a cadena today and i plan to use it on my lv. i was looking at the fruit and hippo other charms today. oh so cute!
  10. :yes: I actually got my hippo cadena for my LV Speedy. I also use H pochettes on all my bags. :smile:
  11. ^CB You Are The Best @ This ~ You Have Such A Great Eye For What Looks Great Together!!!! :smile:

    Nola ~ Definitely Mix It Up!!! I Think You Will Have A Lot Of Fun With It!!! :smile:
  12. Those hippos are so freaking cute!

    Thanks for your input ladies:yes: :yahoo:
  13. Thanks Bagluv! :heart: :heart:

    Here's a few pics...
    saleyahippo2.jpg th_DSCN0813.jpg
  14. ^Looks fabulous!
  15. crochet...your hippo looks so cute on your saleya :smile: