H bracelets for Bat Mitzvah gift ???

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  1. I am searching for a Bat Mitzvah gift. This is my first time attending a Bat Mitzvah and I am not familiar with the Bat Mitzvah gift etiquette. According to my google search jewelry is a good choice if you are not familiar with buying the traditional gifts.

    This brings me to the point. Is it okay to give a H bracelets as a Bat Mitzvah gift? It's jewelry but is it the right kind?

    Sorry if I offend anyone b/c my lack of knowledge of the Jewish faith.

  2. Thank you for asking, honey!!
    sorry but I say NO !!!!!!!!
    Way too much way too soon!!!!!!
    I think it is universal etiquette to gift an event of celebration no less than the plate (cost of dinner).
    Pulease do not quote me!
    Also, it is most convenient to slip an envelope into your purse.
    However, a trinket from Tiffany is always lovely, after all, it is a special occasion!

  3. thank you Arcangel
  4. your most welcome honey!
    have fun!
  5. I would definantely not recommend getting it for a Bat Mitzvah, I have been to tons of my friends, and people either gave money (in multiples of 8 I believe, so like $80 or something) but most people gave tiffanys!
  6. Hey C!

    I think it's a lovely, wonderful thought but probably too much. The lucky number for Jews is "18" or "Chai" (as in L' Chayim--"To life") which is a luck number for longevity. It's commonplace to give gifts in relation to the number 18, so often people give a "Chai necklace" or monetary amounts in multiples of $18. You don't HAVE to do that though.

    You can also get fun Jewish related gifts. Congregation Shalom in Fox Point has a fun gift shop, as does Congregation Beth Israel which is in Glendale. If you need help, you're welcome to call me.
  7. Thanks Japster. I will look into your recommendations. If I run into any trouble I will give you a call. thanks :yes:
  8. cxyvr, it also depends on where in the country you are. In the NYC area, a more expensive present is expected, I'm afraid. I bought a cousin a Douney & Bourke all-weather leather bag (in a young-looking design) for her bat mitzvah (about 8 years ago) and she never forgot the fabulous gift. She still carries the bag and has very fond memories whenever she wears it.
  9. I just wanted to add that I think the real issue is that a 13 year old wants what her friends have. She probably wouldn't understand what that kind of bracelet is all about. I would suggest trying to find out what is popular with girls that age where she lives. That will make her the happiest. Or give a symbolic gift as Japster has explained. Good Luck!
  10. Mostly we'd give money or jewelry to a girl if we were closer with them. I'd agree with everyone else that I'd definitely go for T&Co instead of Hermes, but since the T&co stuff is really popular I feel like everyone gets multiples of everything because it is SO common to give! David Yurman also has a couple star of david necklaces too, I don't think those would be as common. We've also given iPods and digital cameras too. Money is always the easiest gift :smile: