H Bracelet Help PLEASE.

  1. So my beautiful clic clac bracelet just arrived....but I don't know how to open it so I can put it on. I don't want to force it. Can someone please help.

  2. you slide the H on the clic-clac and it'll open.........
  3. Thanks, but it wont move. Do you slide it towards you or away?
  4. i believe, you slide the R side of the H going up.....let's see if that works.
  5. This is exciting...I am glad I am here for this moment! I can just sense how she will feel when she gets the bracelet on!!!!
  6. ok, ginger - you better post a picture of all this drama..........
  7. Squeeze the bracelet together and then slide the H down. Congrats!!! Please post a pic for us
  8. Thanks guys. It's on and sooooo great. I am the best accessorized gal in the whole office.
  9. pictures please
  10. I will when I get home.
  11. Wonderful! Can't wait to see :supacool:
  12. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  13. We Want Pictures!!!
  14. hehe can't wait for the pics...:smile:
  15. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the clic clacs!! Just make sure you always squeeze gently to open and close....advise from my SA.....they get a few back for repairs from over-zealous ladies!!