H Boutique Paris - Cash or Credit Card?

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  1. Hi ladies,
    A while ago, someone on the forum mentioned that we had to pay cash with a purchase of over $2000 in H boutique Paris. Can anyone please help confirm? I am planning to visit H boutique in Paris and would like to know if I need to prepare cash for my H bags or a credit card is just fine.

    How about in London? thx.:smile:
  2. ^^ Um, are you serious? Do people actually carry cash in excess of $2000 along with them?
  3. I know it sounds crazy:wtf:. Since people mentioned it, I thought to throw it out.
  4. I honestly doubt they'd refuse a credit card, especially for very large transactions.
  5. No, I can tell you with first hand experience that credit card is fine at the flagship Faubourg Saint-Honore (FSH) boutique and my total purchase was definitely over $2000. I actually think the reverse might be true now. All the boutiques in the US stopped taking cash for payments. I saw a little sign that indicated this rule change at the register.

  6. Thanks Cindy. Oh, what a relief!!:okay:
  7. I think you remembered this the other way – they do not take cash for purchases over a certain amount. Maybe it's to prevent money laundering?
  8. I imagine it's for security too. It wouldn't be very safe for staff to have such large amounts of cash on them when they have to go do the banking.
  9. Money Is Money Even If It Is A Credit Card So I Dont Think It Would Be A Problem
  10. I think what was actually written was, purchases over 3000 would not be accepted in cash in France.
    And yes, credit cards are most definitely accepted at FSH and London.
  11. :yes:
  12. It's safer to pay with a credit card.

    I'd be uneasy carrying a large sum (if I had large
    sums to carry :P ) of money around. :smile:
  13. I've used my Visa credit card there and it was perfectly fine.
  14. Slightly OT, but I do wonder at people who are comfortable carrying huge amounts of cash around. I once witnessed an Indonesian lady peeling off thousands and thousands from a thick wad to pay for her purchases at Chanel (RTW and multiple bags plus shoes), and just thought she was so brave (foolhardy?) for carrying so much dosh around. Any loss of money is one thing, but imagine getting hurt by some robber trying to get at your cash...
  15. Not to mention many stores don't want to be accepting that kind of cash because it's stressful for them to bank and there's always the concern they are being used for the purpose of money laundering