H Boutique in Neiman's @ Stanford Mall?

  1. Anyone in Northern California ever go to the H boutique inside the Neiman's at Stanford Shopping Mall in Palo Alto?

    So, I just got in the mail yesterday a little "gift" from Neiman's...a $200.00 gift card (from all those double points days)(just goes to show how often I'm in Neiman's...:rolleyes: ) that I can use anywhere in the store. And, of course, I thought well why not see what H has inside Neiman's in Palo Alto. Only problem is that it's a bit of a drive for me and I've never been to that boutique before so I wanted to know if anyone else has and if you think it's worth going......

    :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  2. Shopmom - The H store carries some scarves, some belts, and I think a few bags. The selection is not huge, but I guss all depends on what you are looking for. If you can wait til Monday/Tuesday, I can swing by at lunch and give you a better report.
  3. Why not call and chat with a SA?? I've learned how to do this well over the years living where I live lol.....!!!
  4. That's a great idea, Sandy....I'm going to do that right now....and. thanks Fopduck - I'm going to head over there today because it's a FREE, I've got nothing I absolutely have to do today, day.:biggrin: Well....except clean my house but who wants to do that!?!?!
  5. Good Attitude shopmom!
  6. waiting to hear!!!
  7. What did you get????
  8. I've never been there before either so I'm anxious to hear how it is. :biggrin: Do you know if they are open on Sundays? I think H SF is closed on Sunday (right?) but we were thinking of taking a drive down tomorrow and I was actually wondering about that boutique and what they have there. :graucho: Did you notice if they had any of the leather animal keychains? I feel I *need* one of those so badly! :lol: Hope you had fun!!!!
  9. ^ Crochetbella, most high end boutiques do close on Sundays (exceptions being Bottega Veneta & Burberry to name a few). But I would suspect Neimans to be open on Sundays (including their minature brand segments - e.g. LV, Hermes, Chanel, etc) since they're chain stores.
  10. Thanks hermes_lemming! It's tough to only be able to go down there on Saturdays because it is always so crowded. DH and I are going to go to SF and stay during the week for our anniversary in June so hopefully we can shop when it is not so crowded. :biggrin: I think we are going to go tomorrow and just see who is open. :lol: Maybe check out Palo Alto if Donna's report is good! :biggrin:
  11. shopmom - Are you back yet?
  12. She can't be back yet...she shops hard...give her more time.
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. Malls closed on East Coast and look she is still going strong on her end...did she stop for dinner? Few hours to go...she won't be back for a while! 9:01 pm EST...she has hours to go there!
  15. ^^^ LOL! Anxious to here how shopmom did!!!