h belt..

  1. Can someone tell me how much is the retail price of the h belt?how many sizes that it comes?
  2. i have a mini constance belt. I think the price is around 450 something but i could be wrong. sizes that i know of 75, 80, 85, ...

  3. is it reversible?
  4. I love a BJ H belt.
  5. Yes, it is. Mine is black box and gold togo.
  6. Are Constance belt and H belt the same thing? If not, how are they different? Are they all reversible?
  7. ^^^^^^The very visible H is the Constance belt, but if you look very closely at the buckles, all Hermes belts have an H. Some are more visible than others.
  8. how muck roughly are constance belts?
  9. I was looking at one Saturday for $650 US. Please remember prices vary from country to country.
  10. I have a raisin collier de chien belt/palladium and I believe it cost $700 or so.
  11. I want the gold togo/black box, too. They're so cute!
  12. I am not familiar with that particular belt, sounds beautiful!! Would it be too much trouble to see a picture if you have one? Many thanks!
  13. Here you go! Good timing, I just took these picture this past weekend. :smile:
    raisinminicollierdechienbelt.JPG Raisinbelt5.JPG Raisinbelt4.JPG
  14. I have this exact one! Haven't used it much though.
  15. What a lovely color and the detail is so beautiful. Thanks so much for posting the pic!!
    When you buy a belt like this did you get it to fit on the waist or between hips and waist. I know the sizing goes, 75, 80, 85 etc but if you want if to fit both on the waist and below how do you decide? I wear a 4/6 and the size for the hip measurement was a 90cm for the belt!!! That seemed huge to me! TIA