H-belt prices in UK?

  1. after seeing suzie's thread about her new belt, i'm really liking it:upsidedown:. does anyone know how much this belt would cost in UK? would i be able to find it at the duty free Hermes in heathrow terminal 3?

    i tried searching under the current prices thread, but couldn't find the price in £.

    here's a picture i've borrowed from suzie's thread (hope you don't mind?:sweatdrop:)

    thank you very much in advance:heart:
    H belt.jpg
  2. i doubt they have it in t3, i know they've never had it in t4 when i've asked. the new rrp is £294, so if you did find it in the duty free it would be about £245. you can always call ahead and check, but you're probably better off buying it in the boutique and then getting the tax refund.
  3. ^thanks:flowers:...will do that...
  4. I think I got mine for GBP 275 right before the increase. Definitely try to get it at the duty free. There was a shortage of sizes at the shops in London. They had only 75cm. I actually found my 85cm in the men's section so don't be afraid to look there.
  5. thanks for the tip. i'm thinking of wearing the belt on my hip, not on the waist, so i'm guessing i'd need a larger size?
  6. Make sure you wear the pants you plan on wearing the belt with when you go to the shop. The first time I was wearing a leggings outfit and got one size too big. It's hard to tell where the pants hit your hips unless you are actually wearing the pants.
  7. i'd never have thought you needed an 85 alo6, you're so tiny! you must be wearing some very low jeans :graucho:
  8. Awe thanks annanas:flowers: I guess I do wear my jeans lower. When I went to Bond St in the woman's section they had only 75cm on the shelves! I think the only person that could possibly fit in them in VB!
  9. :lol: that may well be true! well, and all those super petite french women who were buying them at the paris sales.. then again, if you wanted to wear it higher up then you'd need a smaller size, so i guess it depends on what you want it for.
  10. I wanted a belt to wear low and I had to try on a 90 in the mens section. I will still get it when I get the chance, but that explains it about the sizing.
    I saw a lovely blue croc one in Harrods - £1200 plus £100 for the buckle.x
  11. i suppose they're designed for ladies to wear on the waist? or for really slim women with small hips? i'll pop into the h-shop when to try them on. i don't even know if a belt would suit me...i haven't worn a belt for 10yrs (i'm a little weird:shame:smile:.
  12. i imagine at least the 65s must be, you'd have to be ultra petite to wear those on the hip! or a child :s
  13. perhaps the french ladies are very slim? i'm surely not one of them:lol:...
  14. they may be slim, but i'm not sure if they're slim enough to wear a 65 on the hips, those must be waist belts. for people other than vb :lol:
  15. Even the 75cm is really a waist belt. I really can't see how anyone (French or not) can get that thing around hips or low slung jeans. Maybe after a visit to Dr. 90210...