H Belt order

  1. Hi,
    I've been a silent reader in this forum for a long time and I recently joined the "H" world!

    I live in Spain and there are not many H shops here (just 3, I think), so my chances to buy my dream bags/wallets and other items are very limited.

    I just got this Christmas a couple of things for my B-day, a violette agenda in chevre (with refill) and a reversible H belt.
    I thought the only hard to find items were the Birkins and Kellys, but to my surprise, belt choices were quite limited in Madrid shop. I got a reversible belt in black box/orange togo that caught my eye as soon as the SA showed it to me. I bought it straight away without even checking if it was the right size so now I will have to return it as it's too small for me :sad:

    I find the reversible belts very useful and chic for my working wardrobe, so I was thinking about ordering a couple more of straps in different colors, and after reading Aspen's experience with the fast orders, I wanted to know if any of you has experience in ordering belts... SA told me they would take at least 6 months but I have hopes it will be less than that.
    Has anyone here experience with SO not bag-related? Hermes is so addictive I am dying here thinking that it will take so long!
  2. Artemisia, you have to order the whole belt, not just the separate straps or buckles. But if you want another color combination, it makes sense that it will take around 6 months because it sounds like they're trying to squeeze your order in next season's shipment. Another option would be to ask your SA if he/she could check other stores for inventory. Overall, I don't believe they will SO a belt, because the color combination you want will probably just be available somewhere.
  3. Really? That sounds great!!!! Although I don't think that some of the color combinations I'm looking for are available... SA said that they had never received a belt in fucsia or violette but only in shiny croc. Fucsia + violette is a combo I would love!

    However, my SA said that the straps could be ordered without the buckle! But if you say it can't be done, I would trust you more than my SA as she seemed to be quite new to the whole H world... It was funny that she showed me a couple of agendas in red, and I asked which rouge it was (vif, vermillon, rouge H, etc) and she looked at me as if I was asking something very stupid and said "it's red, as you can see... dark red".
  4. Well, what happened is that I tried to order the buckle separate from the belt and they said no, they don't sell the components separately. Regarding, your color combination, your SA is right, it will have to be SO'ed. I was under the impression you were looking for a standard combo, like black/ bleu jean, black/garance, or black/gold. I have also seen the fuschia and violette only in croc. SOing a belt will depend on your store's policy. They usually allocate spots for bags mostly, though. But if you want something badly, it doesn't hurt to ask. The worst that can happen is that they say no. Good luck in your hunt!
  5. I have ordered the belt strap for the H belt in Germany twice so it can be done - Frankfurt boutique
  6. oh forgot - and I picked out the colors I wanted to SO from the leather book - there was absolutely no problem and I think it took about 5 months total
  7. my SA told me that if ur color combo is not available, yes they can order it, however, it does takes a long time. 6 months is what i was told.
  8. I'm almost positive you can get straps and buckles separately. I know buckles you can (we were told you can bring in your old buckle and "upgrade" to a new one for $75).
  9. Not in the N.Y store, I have several worn out belts, and have brought them for "refurbishing", I asked If I could buy just the leather, on one belt that was worn out, and a buckle for another where the buckle was scratched, but the leather was fine, and it was no on both accounts, as per the store manager.
  10. Hmm, that is odd. I'm almost positive we were told you can by one of the merch managers from corp. when we were doing our setup. I could be wrong though.
  11. ^^^ that would be great if you can just buy the leather! Ahem, I have "retained" some water since I bought my belt many years ago... the buckle is still in great shape, would love to get a "longer" belt. :shame:
  12. I wish I was wrong, (or that this rule changes), I ended up just throwing one belt out, the other still has a extra hole in the wrong place, when I tried to fix it...:sad: I begged the store to just let me buy the leather.
    If you find out that your boutique would just sell the leather, I would gladly come in and buy it,( it is the basic H buckle belt). I can't stand the thought of throwing out my other H belt, (the one with the good buckle), right now I can only wear it with jackets to hide the damage.:shame:
  13. Thanks lizhanover!! That encourages me to order a couple of combos in a couple of weeks that I will go back to my H store

    Avan, that sounds quite strange that you have been told you can't order straps and buckles separate... I think I remember consulting SpecialistParis about the belts, and if I'm not wrong, she said you could... Maybe you can only do it in Europe?
  14. I also shop in the NYC store and was told the same thing.
  15. Well, Avan, I can second everything you've just posted because I was told the same thing in NYC. Perhaps, we should look into buying our belts from another store.;) Apparently, NYC does things a little differently.