H belt and NY

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  1. Well my BFF (i hate that term but we are lol) is going to New York in June, since the price of Hermes is so expensive and usually out of my budget (esp. here in oz.) I was wondering what the price is of an H belt in the US. I cant remember exactly but down her its either AU 790 or 890 (for a non-exotic.) I was wondering how much the belts are in NY, what the tax refund scheme is (if there is one.) Would it be too difficult to put one on hold for him to pick up, or how does that system work. Would you ladies mind making some leather and color suggestions. (i am a guy btw) TIA
  2. I'd say black- boring perhaps, but there's virtually nothing it won't go with. Otherwise I'd reccomend gold or brown- I think some of them are even reversible.
  3. Black and brown reversible are the easiest found. I just saw some for $458 in Beverly Hills.
  4. Just recently bought a belt at the NY boutique for my hubby. It is black/brown with brush gold H and absolutely beautiful! Cost was $460 but varies with different styles. They have a limited selection of sizes and styles on the floor but ask a SA for help. They didn't charge sales tax to ship out of state but I did have to pay for shipping. Still worth it.

    Good luck!
  5. You will get non tax if you ship it to a state without a H store. So AU will not qualify for this.
  6. Oh i wasn't going to get it shipped out to me, my friend is visiting NY and will pick me up one, i was wondering if the have a system that could hold it for me till he picks it up (obviously i will ring closer to the date) and what i meant from the tax thing 9sorry i should have been more specific) is that here in oz we have a tax system that you receive 10% back as a tax return when you leave the country with any 'luxury' (they use the term loosely i.e. perfume is considered luxury, and H is DEFINITELY luxury) so does the us have any sort of system like that I assume sales tax (How much is that BTW) cant be avoided. TIA again your all really great.

  7. sorry naughtymanolo

    In the U.S we don't have tax refund for visitors like Europe and Au does.:sad: HTH
  8. NM, I'm going to NY in four weeks if you want something sooner. We can claim the tax that the individual state charges back (obviously NY in this case - what's that tax in NY, Girls? Around 8.5%??). The only downside is if you get charged duty coming back into Australia, but my DH brought a Bang and Olufsen stereo and speakers back into Australia, and just said it was a gift (wink, wink) - so a belt wouldn't be too difficult! LOL!
  9. ...especially if you are wearing it. ;)