H bags with twillys/scarves

  1. hey all, last weekend i saw a few kelly bags at the SFO store wrapped with scarves on the handles. they're so chic!

    anyways, i would love to see your bags dressed up with your scarves, twillys etc.....i would love to see different color combinations, new techniques (in tying scarves) etc. pls share pics............:love: :love:
  2. Ok, this ones' boring, but here's my 32 box Kelly with my Turquoise 'Rencontre Oceane' Twilly tied to the handle.....I'm seeking the Bolduc in black & wjite to match her better! When my camera is charged, I'llplay some more and post pics......
  3. my GP Rouge Imperiale with "Grands Fonds Detail" in red...
  4. Here is my one H bag and two non H bags with H scarves. ;)
    81E32DAE-DDDA-45A9-77DD1C375559FDEF.jpg th_DSCN0794.jpg th_DSCN0806.jpg
  5. oh no, Pazt. Really....you don't want to see my scarf tie-ing jobs. nononono....

    However! I do a GREAT pouchette-hanging-off-the-handle! Pics to follow....I've gotta get the book out and get to work!
  6. K, I love all your bags! That black box Kelly is just too gorgeous and the blue twilly on it looks particularly striking!
  7. GF, this is far from BORING! i love black and turquoise combination! oooooohhhhh, and that black box is simply elegant! love it! thanks GF!:heart:
  8. awww, shucks.......thanks girls......!
  9. OK, BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE : CAN SOMEONE SHOW ME HOW TO USE THE THUMBNAIL OPTION IN POSTING PICS - sorry, for the caps but i'm in dire need of technical help here. thanks......
  10. Okay Crochetbella and GF - HOW DO YOU TIE THOSE Beautiful scarves to nicely?? I'm a tying dummy!! =(
  11. New, the Twilly is easier as it is just a bow. To tie the pocket square I take it and fold two opposite corners in and keep folding til it is rolled up. Then fold it in half so there is a loop at the top and the two ends at the bottom. Hold the loop next to the handle and take the ends and bring them up through the loop and pull down. :flowers:
    th_DSCN0799.jpg th_DSCN0800.jpg th_DSCN0801.jpg th_DSCN0802.jpg
  12. Oh man, okay, now we're doing scarfs,.. I'll post them all tomorrow! :graucho: I hope Vlad has enough internet space for me!
  13. he, he....i love threads with visual treats! bring it on!

    thanks CB for the step by step account. i'll have to yet take my pics with my awkward bows, LOL!