H Bags and Airports?

  1. Preppycowgirl and Florasun brought up a good point in Aminamina's thread about airports and Birkins. Rather than hijack her thread, I thought I'd start one and just ask.

    In America we have bins to put your things in before they go through the x-ray machine. They're not just filthy or anything. Do they not do this in other countries?

    Is it easy for bags to get damaged going through the x-ray machine? What do you do to prevent it, in the USA and abroad?

    Do you just... not carry your H bag on the flight at all? Or do as Flora suggested with a napkin in the bottom of the bin to keep the bag from getting dirty?

    Thoughts, comments, suggestions, stories? TIA! :flowers:
  2. I fly several times a year, and I've never noticed dirty bins at any airport. My coat (often fur) goes in it, my shoes, my bag. I have not yet traveled with my Hermes bag, but my Vuitton was certainly never harmed.

    My concern about flying with my Hermes is putting it under the seat. Since I live in a mid-size city, I'm always on a little plane for at least part of the flight and there is very little room under the seat in front. I didn't worry with my Vuitton as it was smaller and the canvas was pretty scratch-resistant, but I just can't see stuffing my Kelly under a seat and getting it scratched. I'm flying to FL next week, and I think Ms Kelly may stay at home.
  3. :graucho: with my LV Speedy I always stick it between me and the seat beside me (or the wall if I've got a window) and the flight attendants never even notice it; I'll even be sneaky and lean forward a little bit when they walk by so they definitely don't see it. saves me from stuffing it under the seat.
  4. Great idea, Sarah! Thanks for starting this thread! :tup:

    Inquiring minds want to know....in case I ever get a Birkin (hopefully this year) and decide to travel with it. :graucho: I am with you Sarah, I'd never put it under the seat (or overhead)!!
  5. I put my Hermes bag in the dust bag and then inside another bag....i was very careful when I put it thru the machine then under my seat. i had to watch it the entire flight...well be aware of it...just in case
  6. It is a great thread, Sarah. I didn't bring my husband's act for no reason. I fly quite frequently and although the level of clean bins depends...well, on almost anything in the world, going through all the boarding stages and airport environment in general affects our belongings any way. Almost any bag I travelled with carries some kind of mark from the particular trip.
    Your plastic bin may be clean but those hanging rubber "things" can be dirty with that black oily "thing" they use to lubricate or something the machinery...it can roll over, etc. etc. While I'm all for "travelling in style", e.g. not putting my H bags inside of another protective bag, there's an obvious danger of handbag damage we are all exposed while travelling.
    Talking about putting your bags under your seat: I heard on the news about one Japanese lady who absolutely refused putting her new Gucci bag under her seat and have gotten in all sorts of trouble with the crew on her plane. I am very sympathetic with her.
  7. I've never seen a dirty tray in Europe, but then we don't have to take our shoes off. And all the stuff has to be on a tray, not on the conveyor belt on its own, so I have no worries putting my stuff through the security check. And I always take off everything that even possibly might beeb (watch, bracelets, belts, keys, coins, whatnot..) when I walk through the machine, I wouldn't want to leave the bag on its own on the conveyor belt without me seeing it every second while an officer checks me out, so EVERYTHING remotedly metallic goes into the bag.

    And then again, they are only bags... I worry more about my cc's and passport :smile:
  8. Flying back from Hawaii the final agricultural screen X-ray for carry on items did not offer bins, and the belt was filthy and damp!(It had been raining) I had the sleepers for 2 bags which included the 50cm (never again, gotta have wheels!) but probably the best would be to carry a plastic bag in case of emergency (even a hotel laundry bag that could be tossed). Something loose under the bag could get stuck somewhere and botch up the works, and I never seem to follow my bag at the same time when it goes through. ( I'm always following the newbie with the jewelry, cell phone,etc. FLASH RED "go back sir"...So my bag is lumped at the end, on it's side, crushed, waiting. I must add though the final ag screen in HI we don't go through security so we can follow our bags. but one other time, I saw the bin flip ARGGGG!
  9. ABSOLUTELY 100% SECOND YOU!!!:yes::heart::tup:
  10. I have the pliage and it is great for taking the birkin on a plane. It means your bag can go under the seat in front without risking scuffing the leather. Although I have never seen a dirty x-ray bin, I just felt happier with her undercover. And this is from someone who puts her bags on the floor - go figure!
  11. In Europe, a lot of people carry huge trolley bags on board, and the wheels of those have been everywhere, so there's no way the bins can be clean! A pliage or a plastic bag is what I suggest taking along.
  12. The only 'nice' bag I'm traveling with to FR. in Oct. is my 32cm kelly box This le Pliage Med. with the long handles sounds perfect for travel and if it rains!!!! Thanks!!! I guess for a Birkin 35 the XL looks the best.
  13. Lyanna, great thread linking there. An XL Pliage works for the 35cm but I still have trouble closing the top all the way without bending the handles so I usually leave it open. On the plane, bag resides in a Longchamp Pliage. Once takeoff is done I switch it to the area behind my legs so handles don't bend (on Birkins). The Lindy is not given such nice treatment and I usually just stick it in front of me where it fits nicely.

    When I traveled to Europe, I had a lot of room in my roll-on so I put my Kelly in there. On the way back, I just plopped it in the Pliage and no worries about dirty belts--something I hadn't thought about until I read through this thread, but then again, I usually choose dark bags for travel so am not as concerned.
  14. I put my bag inside the dustbag and also put my watch inside the bag so I dont have to hand it over where they just drop it into a bin. I make sure to lay the bag down so its not standing up where it could get caught on something. So far so good. I always cringe during the whole process of course.