H bag with missing stamp?!!

  1. hmmm a mistake, maybe it's a fake (oh my, that rhymes)...
    I dunno, I would think if it were a mistake, the seller could have returned it to Hermes.
  2. ... think the same... but I'm irritated because of the seller, can't believe that they sell fakes...
  3. from what i hear, the occasional bag does escape without stamps. CDL doesn't sell fakes, and this is a great price -- i'd buy it in a ny minute if it were brown leather and a 35.
  4. This is the second bag I've encountered without the stamps.
  5. It will be interesting to see what it goes for. Seems to be a big discount for the lack of a stamp.
  6. Can this bag still go to 'spa' ?
  7. This happens once in a while. If you pick up a new bag at the store, you might want to check to make sure it is stamped. Seems to really hurt resale value.
  8. When I first saw the bag on CDL site (which only sells authentic, never sells fakes, she's a super seller of Hermes Authentic bags, anyone who tries to discredit her surely doesn't know Hermes) I emailed her immediately because I wanted to know what the hell went wrong with this bag. She has the original receipt for this bag which she never includes with any purchases. She simply replied, they forgot to stamp the bag.

    I called Claude in NY and he confirmed that sometimes the stamp inspection slips by because they only look at the bag's stitching and the cuts and hardwares and the shape when they inspect the bags sometimes they overlook the stamps and send the bags off to packaging, this does not make the bag fake and can still be serviced at Hermes, Claude also said these are rare and hard to get because Hermes hardly makes mistakes.
  9. Thanks Bagg.... :flowers:
  10. :flowers: anytime.
  11. I think it would bother me mostly because of the resale issue down the road....but a nice savings!!
  12. thanks baggs...
  13. Well then, if it is rare and hard to get, maybe it would be worth more, like a miss struck coin or stamp. I would not hesitate to buy this bag after hearing what Claude said. Thanks Baggs.
  14. ^^^ Yeah, just don't tell CDL because she might want to hike it up a little,...

    CDL, if you see this dont hike the mike!

    It would be a nice piece to have though, I like this bag,... if only I didn't ban myself from buying another bag! :rolleyes: