H bag reveal

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  1. Hi, I just purchased this bag from H store, size is 18 cm, I really don't know if I should keep it or not because of the color, may I know your opinion ?

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  2. Keep
    Nothing wrong with the color
    Nice neutral with ghw
    Dont tell me you dun like it and still purchased
  3. You are the one that has to wear it. Why aren't you sure if you want to keep it or not? Don't you like it?
  4. I really love this bag, but I feel white is so easy to get dirt on it, don't really dare to use it.
  5. It is a beautiful neutral color but every bag should fit your lifestyle:smile:
  6. Is this white or Craie? Its beautiful!
  7. It's Craie.
  8. It's beautiful! You're so lucky!
  9. I think the bag is lovely and since it's a neutral can go with anything.
  10. Return then
    You bought it.
    Strangely don't like white dare not use
    No point keeping and being stressful

  11. Oh WoW! Do you have another pic without The protective felt so we can see the whole beauty of this bag [emoji7]?
  12. Looks very pretty. You should post this in the Constance thread. Lots of ladies have light colored Epsom and they will be able to advice you how hard/easy it is to look after. I always thought Epsom was easy to clean and hard to scratch. I have a lime Constance Epsom and it looks brand new still after 3 years.
  13. Oh really, still new after 3 years, lime is really a nice color :smile: Do you use it often ?
  14. Here is an other picture of the bag

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  15. Not every day but from time to time for holidays, dinners or weekends. I believe Epsom is a very durable leather, I don't know about colour transfer though as all my Epsom pieces are in bright colour. Is the colour off white? It's hard to see from the picture you posted.
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