H Backpack *Sherpa* - Anyone?

  1. This is a H bag that had been pushed to the backburner for more than a year. The first time I saw this bag (more than a year ago), it was on a customer at my local store, who had then just returned from Paris. She urged me to order one in, as she regarded it as a very practical travel bag. If my memory serves me well, hers was a Gold Clemence.

    I forgot all about the Sherpa until now. Something I think I can look forward to in SS2008. But first, I would like to know who can help me decide if this is a bag that I would really find useful? Does it only come in Clemence? Who owns a Sherpa and please advise me the pros and cons. Thank you. :flowers:
  2. Any picture? Will it serve the same use as your Lindy?
  3. I love this bag! I very much wish I had one, and am SO sorry I passed one up last year, because I think it has the nicest lines of any backpack I've ever seen. I figured I'd use it while traveling, or perhaps if I returned to school (it might happen!) It's just I didn't have any immediate need at the time.

    I'm not sure I'd want it in clemence though. Clemence can be so slouchy and with items in the backpack, I would fear that weight and gravity would cause the clemence to lose the bag's fabulous shape too quickly.

    I'm anxious to know what you decide.
  4. Here's a small picture of the Sherpa, LyannaS, from the Japanese Brand Mall magazine.

    In real life, the Sherpa completely collapses. It is super slouchy. I wonder what other skins it comes in, other than Clemence.
  5. I can see myself totally enjoying a practical backpack like the Sherpa, coco-nut. It doesn't have much of a shape to start with, so I am not concerned about it 'losing shape'. In fact, it's so souple that I can imagine how the Sherpa will take the shape of its contents inside.

    The best part is that it's not a discontinued bag! ;)
  6. Yes I have a Sherpa in I think Gold Clemence. It is very slouchy and has a fabulous look. In mine the only inconvenience in the design is that to switch from shoulder to shoulder you have to undo the clip and change it over as mine has only one strap. I will post picture later if I get time. They are pretty rare, I have only seen one other IRL and it was the same as mine. It folds flat for travel to which is great for vacations and trips.
  7. Can't wait to see your photos, Bababebi. The Sherpa has a clip? I'd thought it does not have any hardware at all. And the straps .... please if you have the time, please take a picture of the back of the Sherpa. I would like to see if the straps are actually from one single piece of Clemence, or ???
  8. [​IMG]

    Thanks for the pic MrsS.

    This bag looks super comfy, and the white colour makes it look like a pillow!

    It looks like the straps are actually attached to the front part of the bag, and that the bag closes by pulling the straps back, which then becomes the arm holes. Very clever. All in all, I like this so much more than any other brand backpack bags that I saw!

    Only query is the security part, is there a zipper or fastener on top?
  9. By the way, the color I saw it in was Rouge H. Absolutely, TDF.
  10. lol, when I saw Sherpa, I was visualizing that sheep skin wooly-looking material that you see Ugg boots lined with. Thats a really sleek backpack.
  11. Here are two photos of my Sherpa. Actually I have had this bag quite a while and it is a bit different from the current version. I like the single strap better as it is more streamlined and makes the bag like cross between a backpack and a shoulder bag.
    DSC02485.JPG DSC02483.JPG
  12. ^^ THAT is a gorgeous backpack!!! :wtf: :yes:
  13. Hmmm I am always concerned with the safety of backpacks - sometimes too easy to pickpocket without the wearer noticing. How does it close Bababebi? Is there a fastening on the inside?
  14. Bababebi, thank you so much for sharing the pictures of your bag. Is yours in Gulliver?
  15. I like the single strap better. mrss--do you know if that will be offered?