H and joie de vivre ~ MaiTai in Provence

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Jun 12, 2008
Not close enough to Hermes
This is a special thank you to our dear MaiTai! :heart:

Whenever you post photos of a scarf, your home decor (even a hint), your travels, your smile, your super-model good looks - you raise Hermes to a higher standard.

That's just the looks part. You are always so gracious in your posts and comments, and never a harsh word. Really an example to us all.

So here is my little thought. (Yes I know, I can be rather nervy!)

"Dear MaiTai:

With your chic sense of style, effortless elegance, and gorgeous photos that draw all of us in, here is the official request to please post a lifestyle thread.

We can ask the Mods to put it in the Clubhouse, for your fans to see!

Thank you!

MaiTai fan club member

(alas I can only claim to share initials with our lovely MaiTai. But you are such an inspiration to so many - it is a smile in my day to see your posts)

Actually - if Hermes Corporate were watching, they would be smart to give you a commission. If they aren't going to put you on the cover of LeMonde or at least the scarf booklet...they should look here to see how well their wares look on the right woman!

Okay, I'm off now! I promise I won't make a fuss!
Oct 24, 2007
...and her effortlessly chic style...a taste of Hermes heaven indeed! CHEERS!!!!

She's beautiful inside and out! A breath of fresh air everytime!!!

Mr. and Mrs. PP are bonafide members of The Mai Tai fan club!!!
Oct 24, 2007
This is what I am talking about!

Mr. and Mrs. PP are bonafide members of her fan club!
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Dec 15, 2008
Thank you, MiaT! This tribute is so well deserved! MaiTai is a wonderful role model. I know I'll never look like her, but she gives me inspiration every day.

Here's to you, MaiTai! :drinkup:
Oct 24, 2007
Hermes will create a special Mai Tai Fan Club pin...where do we sign up? and...do we have to be waitlisted again?
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