H addiction typically refers to heroin but not in this case

  1. ok guys...

    we all know the pricetags at Hermes. even the wealthiest ones of us understand that these bags don't come cheap. how do you maintain your lifestyles and still build the H collections that you desire in a timely manner (ie not buying one Birkin a decade, but more like twice or three times annually)??
    did you sell all your other bags? do you splurge only on Hermes and go to non-designer stores for all other things? Are you just blessedly wealthy?
    my family is well-off and i've earned my own money working in modeling/ entertainment but that work is very sporadic and when its going well it allows me to buy a $10k bag without blinking an eye and spend another $10k on clothes in one day, and when its slow im asking my mother for $$$ and frankly, this option is getting extremely frustrating and not something i want to continue doing, but thats another story.

    so what do you do? does there have to be a sacrifice? should i stop pressuring myself to get more H bags? but i've been spoiled and really think they are the best now and want to explore every H bag! i can't bear to not buy another H bag anytime soon. its become an addiction. :crybaby:but this isn't Chanel where you can walk out with a pretty cool, unusual bag for $2,500. The sort of "cool, unusual" Plume i want, for example, is going to run me about $8,000.
  2. I feel I am sort of different than many members. I have loved Hermes bags since I was a teenager, but I don't have a desire to build this huge collection. I never want to have too many that I can't really enjoy all of them and get great use out of them. I prefer to have a small amount of bags...maybe 6 or 8 at most. I feel less if best and then I can really cherish them. That is how I am with everything I own. I just save my money and when I am ready I do my research and decide what to buy. It is that simple.
  3. you're right. thats how i feel and would love it if i could have a collection of even 5 Hermes bags. Ideally I want 3 Birkins (1 down, 2 to go, and none of those in exotic skins) and a Plume (want exotic) and a Constance (want exotic). This is what i'd love for the near future. Beyond that we'll see.
  4. Actually, I always said five would be enough for me, but I upped it for over my entire lifetime!!!:rolleyes:
  5. I think I'm like KB - I don't buy bags for the sake of collecting - they need to be stuff I can use, and I would not limit myself just to one designer. Plus, DH keeps me in check because he's a PHH :cursing: (It's good and bad I guess!)

    Over the years, I've sold off my Coaches, Burberry, etc... as my tastes have moved toward Chanel and Hermes - it's not for financial reasons, but really for closet space. I like to use the bags I own - 15 bags from all designers would be enough for me. I would like to own around 3 Birkins (2 35's and a 30), 2 Kellys (a 28 and a 32) and a Kelly JPG clutch, and maybe a Garden Party, but that would be enough for me from Hermes.

    DH and I both make good incomes, and he keeps my shopping to a "normal" level... he wants me to have nice things, but when we have extra, he'd rather have us travel instead or put more towards retirement.
  6. I am not at the place that I can afford splurging on 3 or more H bags in one year. And I also do not feel the need to have a huge collection of H bags. Oh Yes I am addicted to Hermes, and I wish I can one day have (at least?:rolleyes: ) one of each style that I love. but doesn't need to be right here, right now. and because of that.. I enjoy, treasure and appreciate what I have greatly.
    I'll be honest. I am not a soul born with patience. I want what I want now now now. but there are priorities in life, and I need to be clear headed about what is important to me and my family. so..wait and save is my only option..which I know will be very rewarding when I finally get it. and I can finally fell spending this amount on a bag is somewhat juistifiable.

    having said that..doesnt' mean I won't splurge on 5 H bags in one year if I won lotto.... :upsidedown:
  7. i, too want two 35's and a 30cm! I want a Gold or Noisette Clemence and i want a funky third Birkin, maybe Fuschia or Rose Shocking lined and another outer color in Box or something? I'm drifting strictly towards Hermes bags only. I was in Chanel the other day buying a ring and browsing and honestly the bags did NOTHING for me. i felt they were hideous compared to Hermes and the only one i truly love- the classic Lambskin double flap bag- i already own.
  8. If I could give my answer in one short sentence, it would be

    "Enjoy Hermes but make sure you do not have an empty bank account"
  9. Great taste! I'm getting my Rouge Garance 35:love: in the spring, and am wanting a gold 30 and would love a funky 35 too like you! No box for me with Birkins - I love the textured leathers for those!

    Wow, I can't believe you're over Chanel! I love the classic flap - I have the caviar since I don't think I can baby the lambskin... But I am seriously loving the new baby Coco Cabas for Spring 2007, and I want another flap and still want the Cerf... but yeah, PHH knocks :noggin: some sense into me... it'll take years to get the H bags without giving DH a heart attack!
  10. I do OK financially, but with a kid in college and into horses it does tend to dip into my bag buying funds, lol.

    When I first started buying H bags, I'd grab up whatever looked interesting or cool (which was just about everything, lol) but now I find myself offloading the bags that I really don't use, and focusing instead on quality, rather than quantity :yes:

    I love the way Birkins look, but have to tell you that I did not enjoy carrying them. I sold my HAC, my 25cm Birkin and my JPG and am now focusing more on bags that I enjoy using, like the Kelly and Herbags :smile:

    So how do I maintain my lifestyle and still afford H bags? Well, I guess I live a relatively simple life - I vacation but nothing overly extravagant (most of my vacations are spent at horse shows with my DD anyway!), my house is pretty simple as there's just me and my DD, my car is 2 years old and the horses are like my other "kids" anyway (and cost about the same!) so it's like I'm a single mom of 1 human and 2 equine children, lol!

    Could I save more of my money by opting for lower end bags? Of course. But after losing my husband two years ago, I learned that you can't take it with you - might as well LIVE and enjoy life while you can:yes:

  11. tweetie: i would totally use all my bags! i love figuring out what to wear in the morning and then adding a bag as the icing on the cake. sometimes the bag really changes everything, which makes it fun. my thinking is more along the lines of- should i even keep my other, non-Hermes bags because Hermes has really spoiled me, but that would leave me with a much smaller variety since H bags are a)hard to come by the ones I really want and b) not something to be collected in the span of a couple months because the price is so expensive and right now im not working at all. (and mom does not support $10,000 handbags at ALL! she'd rather buy me a diamond bracelet as a gift. she thinks a bag isn't worth it even if it is Hermes) so thats my dilemna. ps congrats on your Birkin!! it will SPOIL YOU I SWEAR IT! and yes, Chanel handbags just dont do it for me anymore. not after Hermes. its like the difference between having good sex and then having a LOVER.

    fesdu- i'm with you. i have the patience of a fly. i want everything right away. it's a curse!

    mssparkles- wise words. if i used credit cards (i only use bank cards) than i'd probably have racked up a $30,000 bill at Hermes right now on bags alone. that's precisely the reason i dont use credit cards.

    nefariousmuze: i like your motto for life! it's both true and positive. i find my Birkin heavy sometimes and am no longer afraid of a 30cm size which i thought might be too small, so maybe that would help with the weight of it?
    i enjoy buying expensive clothes and shoes, i drive a nice car and i like buying quality items for everything in my life from furniture to buying a Tiffany vase instead of something from Pottery Barn, to going out and buying lobster if it's on the menu, etc. I also love fine jewelery...so i'm in trouble.
  12. I really have the one H bag I want. And I bought a ton of scarves this summer so I think I'm set for quite a while on the scarves/small accessories. :lol: I'd like to get a Birkin maybe someday but I'm content with waiting until 2008 (milestone year for DH and I). I am happy with all the bags I own from my older Coach styles to LV (Recital, Speedy 25 and Saleya PM) to my Hermes. They are all well made and each has its own function in my collection. I don't limit myself to one designer/house, I just buy what I love. I really am really looking forward to getting a Cerf because it would be the perfect tote for me. I like that the opening is not complicated and it is an elegant bag. I save for my splurges and will probably get the Cerf next spring. :smile:
  13. ^me too. I love all the bags I have. I did think about selling some bags to fund my H dream bag. but found out there is nothing that I am willing to sell! :love:
  14. My bank is not empty but its not exactly full :P

    My wardrobe is filled with hermes boxes and paperbags !!

    Its an expensive addiction n its true, you can't and you won't stop at 5 bags :wtf:
    And its also true, after you have tasted Hermes, the LV and Chanels won't feel good anymore :sweatdrop:

    Hmmm, anybody has any cure for IT ??? :confused1:
  15. When I buy my H bags, not only do they have to strike me with love in the heart but they need to fulfill a purpose. I'm a late Hermes-Bloomer so I'm sort of making up for lost time this year....but as I go along I find what works for me and what doesn't and I've become more selective. I now have a few choice bags to look for and if it takes a while to find them, so be it. I don't have unlimited funds so each bag is well thought out and if I'm not too sure about something I ask my friends here on the PF for help in the decision making process. And that's been fun too!!!! Thanks, guys!!!!! (no, I'm not going to buy that shooting star Birkin.....) :angel: :flowers: