GyrlLayney... ? about your Choc Front Pocket!

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  1. Hi! I've tried to PM you without success... can you PM me? I wanted to see how you like you chocolate front pocket Paddy! I'm about to get that exact bag and wanted to hear from you if there's anything about it you don't particularly like or if it's just wonderful! :smile:
    I saw one of your posts with a picture of it... it's beautiful and you look like you just love it!

  2. HI JULIE! Sorry for the late response - I was away for a few days and just saw your thread! Anyhoo - about the small pocket Paddy - I just LOVE it and would NEVER part with it!!! Here's why:

    1. TDF chocolate leather :drool:

    2. Hangs perfectly from my shoulder - drop is just right (I'm 5'6"). Comfortable straps - for me at least.

    3. Wonderfully slouchy big bag (at least to me) but lays flat against my body if not too full so it's easy to carry while empty or full. And don't believe the hype about it being so heavy... hogwash! You easily get used to the weight and I find myself switching anyway from shoulder to hand to crook of arm, etc.

    4. I tried out the Ediths and returned them as they were too structured and wide in depth for me, compared to this smooshy small front pocket paddy. Then again, if I weren't a sahm with a casual lifestyle, I might like the Edith more because it would make for a great work bag.

    5. Altho I own a rouge medium paddy and a pre-loved tan "tall satchel" with side pockets, IMO this front pocket is the coolest and edgiest of the three because of the contrasting brass-colored lock, key, studs, buckles and front pocket detail.

    6. All in all, I would love to have this small front pocket paddy in ALL colors! The pocket also holds my moto q nicely - it has a magnetic closure for really easy access.

    I'd say go for it, especially if you're getting it from a place that allows returns. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  3. Wow... you should be in sales!!! If I didn't have that bag I would definately go get it after reading this post. Well done!!!!Btw, everything you said is so true. Sparkyjt there is one for sale on for 900+.
  4. thanks ali w! i was hoping another lover of the small front pocket paddy would also chime in! and if i were in sales, i would never bring home any income :graucho: here's a comparison pic of me holding my front pocket and medium paddies.

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  5. I've got one on hold at the Nordie's sale! It should be shipped tomorrow or so! It was around $950.
    Ooooh thanks for that comparison to the md satchel. That's the one I was originally wanting, but seeing it on you compared to the front pocket, I think it will be too small. I work full time at NASA and it's pretty laid back here so I can get away with a casual slouchy bag. I'm using a Not Rational Fab right as my work bag and love it! The front pocket will hold everything except my computer! :smile: I have a 9 month old that I pack for on weekends and I carry diabetic supplies for my dd everywhere I go too so I tend to like bigger bags. I had a Mia Bossi Maria and loved the size, but it was too structured. That was a heavy bag, so I figure I'd be ok with the Chloe!
  6. glad to be of help :smile: you're gonna love it sparkyjt! if you went larger then i think you'd overfill it and it'd be too heavy. but i also have two little ones and i can even throw in 2 diapers and a small ziplock with about 10 wipes, plus carry a water bottle and a sippy cup or two (also in sealed gallon size ziplock). it's perfectly roomy when you need it to be but even when empty or holding a few belongings, it lays flat and still looks fab!

    anyone care to join me in a tPFer's "Chloe' Front Pocket Paddington Club"?!!
  7. Great idea:idea:. Count me in:tup:
  8. Tell me if all this will fit! I carry:
    -Long checkbook wallet (Hobo International Lauren)
    -Small coach wristlet
    -medium cosmetic case
    -Glucose meter (5x3x2 in)
    -Various diabetic snacks like juicy juice and a few packs of crackers
    -small paperback book (carb counting for diabetics)
    -maybe a couple of dipes and a wipes case if it's the weekend
    - small pack with insulin supplies ( wristlet size)
    It's rare that I would carry all that at the same time, but that would be the max I would put in there if I had to. It depends on which kids are with me!

    I'm in for the club and I dont even have mine yet!