Gypsy 05 - are three too many?

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  1. Help! I went ahead and bought 3 of this dress! I have the black, the green ombre and a light blue on the way, but now I have buyer's remorse! Will I look terribly redundant?

    p.s. I do this often. When I like something, I buy it in every color and end up wearing only the dark colors. (I live where the dirt is red and stains) My mind is telling me to cancel the blue, but my heart is saying, "why not?!"
  2. I think it's fine. I wish I could get away with wearing my maxi dresses more frequently, but people look at you funny if you're "dressed up" when you're going to class (apparently a casual long dress is "dressed up" for some people). Lame! The Gypsy dresses are great.
  3. Oh, I sooo wear them casually - mostly to people's houses for bbqs or to the mall. Thanks! My husband sighs, though. He thinks they look like mu'u mu'us (long hawaian dresses). My husband is perfect in every way, but he says (really fondly) that it looks like I'm wearing a drape. He used to say (very lovingly) that I looked like flintstones when I used to wear the one shoulder tops.

    He says, though, "I dont know why you're asking me, look at the way I dress!" (shorts/t shirt daily, all free clothing)
    As you can see, I don't always listen to his fashion comments, b/c I go ahead anyway and buy 3 of them!!
  4. You can always wear diff accessories. I think three's fine. :smile:
  5. Babybeans, I know what you mean about your SO making funny comments about your clothes. I'll sometimes hold something up to ask if he likes it and he'll be like "what is it?". He literally can't tell the difference from a skirt and a shirt. He once told me I looked like a linebacker (like yours, very lovingly) when I wore a shirt with flutter sleeves. Of course, I wore it anyway ;)

    But to your question, I think you might want to consider returning the light blue. I know I would be totally upset if the dirt stained one that I had, and I'm sure you will be too if this happens. Follow your own color patterns, and if you tend to only wear dark, there must be reasons! :idea:
  6. Well, now I have three!!! (black, gray, and green - all solids) I loooove them all.... and think they are so versatile! Luckily for me - DH thinks they are super hot!
  7. SO doesn't like them either. Thinks they're shapeless and can't figure out where the heck I'd wear them. He says they're too revealing on top to wear to work, but since they're long, they must be formal, so I can't just wear it anywhere. Hopeless.....
  8. I have 2 and am thinking of getting a 3rd and I LOVE them! I wear them everywhere BUT work (would not work in the classroom). My SO thought the lighter colored ones looked "costumey", but he likes my bright teal and red (I would wear them anyway even if he didn't like them).

    I remember that red dirt in Hawaii-such a pain to get out of anything. What about ordering the garnet/burgundy color instead? Or the lipstick-its a gorgeous coral red.
  9. I think three is fine. Since they are such different colors, and you can wear them casual and's not as bad.
  10. I'm still so at odds, but you girls convinced me. I actually wore the black to a party the other night and everyone made comments on how formal I looked, when I thought I looked sooo casual.
  11. I agree with previous posters that you should send the light blue one back. You've said yourself that you tend to wear darker colors, and with fall coming up you won't have many opportunities to wear the lighter color. Black and green ombre sound so pretty btw!
  12. I think some people don't "get" the long dresses trend. I guess maxi dresses are the same length as formal gowns, so maybe that's why people think they look more dressy? :shrugs:
  13. I'm the queen of bulk-buying when I find an item I like, so I'm biased.

    That said, I'm a little on the fence about the gypsy 05 dress. I have one in asphalt and I love the way it looks... although I do think it's a little too much in the direction of maternity wear --which is why I don't believe I'll wear it again next summer. It's the kind of trendy, seasonal item that seems destined for the 'WTF was I thinking?? Can you believe everybody wore this in 08?' files. The items I tend to buy in multiples are usually classic, high-quality pieces that I can use no matter what's trendy and just accessorize according to the look I'm going for as well as according to what's in fashion at any given time.

    So, this is my reasoning for not buying multiple gypsy 05 dresses, but I think that if you absolutely love an item (trendy or classic) you should definitely buy it in as many colors as you think you' d enjoy wearing (and can, of course, afford). I don't think it's redundant or boring as long as you vary your accessories.
  14. Oh, I am sooo a bulk buyer!! Well, they had SUPER expensive shipping to Hawaii, so I ended up cancelling it, but in a freak impulse, I bought a teal one from shopsublime. I think it'll be easier to wear in terms of not getting dirty!
  15. I'm like emmalawyer... I think it's too many. I think the gypsy dress will totally be one of those summer 2008 trends and will only be wearable in really summery places after this year. They remind me too much of pregnancy dresses and DH thinks the same as well. To be honest, I think most poeple look better in other styles.