Gyno woes...cervicitis, amenorrhea...need thoughts and support!

  1. A little bit of history: I used to have regular periods until I got in my 20s. It was then that I started really gaining weight. After that, I would go for long periods without menstruating. I contributed this my obesity. When I started losing weight, my periods came back, but only temporarily. I haven't menstruated since the summer. On top of that, I was having some symptoms that disturbed me. I was having pain during intercourse and bleeding and pelvic pain afterwards. My aunt almost died from cervical cancer, so these symptoms scared me a lot. I finally went to the gyno Wednesday. She was extremely concerned about my lack of periods, and she also discovered that I have cervicitis. Although it could be just a bacterial infection and nothing more, cervicitis can also be a sign of cervical cancer. She was also concerned about me developing uterine cancer as a result of retaining a thickened uterine lining instead of menstruating. She also noted that had I had pain and tenderness on one side. I have a history of ovarian cysts and I could have another one. I am still waiting on my Pap results and I am hoping they come back normal. She gave me antibiotics for the cervicitis and Provera to induce me to have a period. I have to follow up, especially if I do not get a period within two weeks of finishing the Provera. I haven't scheduled a follow up appointment yet, and I am somewhat scared.

    Has anyone here had either cervicitis or amenorrhea? I could use some positive thoughts and friendly words right now!
  2. awwww! I have never had that but I send positive thoughts your way!

    It's very scary, but I wouldn't get to worked up about it until you get your results. (I know, easier said then done.)

    I hope everything turns out okay! :flowers:
  3. I had amenorrhea when I was younger and lost weight. I went down to about 115 @ 5'10". It didn't bother me LOL. I never knew your period could stop if you gained weight. It is good that you got a pap to see if they find anything else. Maybe you just have a UTI?
  4. I have not had either but I am currently experiencing my own gyno woes. i completely feel your pain and will think good thoughts for you. You definately did the smart thing and visited your doctor!
  5. Yep, too much weight can mess up your hormones too. My sister had the same problem. She is almost 400 pounds and hasn't had a period in ages.

    I know I don't have a UTI. My urine was fine. I just have the cervicitis and amenorrhea. I just have to stay calm until my Pap results come in.

    Thanks for you kind words, everyone! It really means a lot! :flowers:
  6. sorry to hear about your troubles. I've had my share of gyno problems over the years. I had several fibroids which caused a lot of pain and tenderness. They even caused me to have a miscarriage about 5 years ago. They never stopped my periods, though. My sis has endometriosis which caused her periods to stop. have you researched that? You did a good thing going to the doctor. I know it takes courage to do that esp. when you're scared about what the problem could be. Let us know what your doctor says. You're in my prayers.
  7. ACL, keeping you in my thoughts!! Glad you got it checked out...when do you hear back on the results? I had an abnormal pap and follow up colposcopy and I had to wait over a week for the all clear. Long week!

    XXXOO PGal
  8. ACL, I hope everything works out for you! I have never had a regular period schedule because I am naturally very thin. I used to get periods every six months or so, and they would be so heavy I could barely control it- basically stuck in bed for the heaviest 2 or 3 days. I was on the pill for a while then went off it and didn't get a period for several months, so my Dr. put me on Provera, which started it with no problems, and now I'm on the pill to keep me regular. You might want to discuss this with your Dr.- I took low-dose and "mini pills" with minimal side effects (mood, weight gain, etc) and they worked fine to regulate my cycle.
  9. I am sorry this is happening. I hope everything works out for you. I am sure it is all the weight issues (gained a lot and proudly lost a lot) that messed up your hormones, with the hormones help I am sure you would be able to have your period and regularized. Good luck, I'll keep you in my prayers. NO CANCER for you ok. Take it easy.
  10. ^^^ Thank you, everyone! My gyno's office has a "no news is good news" policy and I haven't received any calls or post cards so far, so I am starting to relax more. I took my last Provera on Sunday night, and no period so far. She told me it could take up to two weeks for the period to begin, and then I should follow up if it doesn't happen at all. Crossing my fingers. I hate having a period, but even I understand that it's a normal thing. I would feel a lot better if I had it as normal.
  11. Just found this thread ArmCandy! I didn't know! Gotcha in my thoughts and prayers hon!
  12. Hey ArmCandy - I had obesity-induced amenorrhea for most of my childbearing years. In fact, I never got my first 17 I finally went to the gyn. & got Provera. Talk about feeling like a FREAK!! I know exactly how that feels. I'm 45 now and I've had "regular" (~45 days) cycles for the past 3 years or so ever since I lost 100 lbs w/the lap-band. It's really amazing to me that my body is actually working somewhat properly now. I'm living proof that you can have amenorrhea for years and still be physically just have to be SURE to take Provera at least every couple of months to keep your endometrium healthy. Once, I let it go for about a year (duh!!) and then I finally got a period from hell that wouldn't stop (a year's worth of build-up!) and I ended up having to get a D&C to stop it.
  13. I've been dealing with irregular or complete lack of periods since I started mine at age 11. My problem is due to insulin resistance. I take birth control pills to make myself have a regular period every month. During the time that I was ttc, I had to take provera many, many times. Always had to go in for a pregnancy test first, it was was all so annoying.

    I have never, ever had any cysts or fibroids or any cervical/uterine problems. My last pap test came back with "atypical cells" but they don't want me to come back for another test for 1 yr. I am going to wait until it has been 6 months and then go back. My mom's sister died of cervical cancer, so I am a bit worried.

    I will be thinking about you, please keep us posted!!
  14. That reminds me - ArmCandy - have you ever been evaluated for Polycystic Ovaries (PCO)? When I went to a reproductive endocronologist, he diagnosed me with PCO, but in my case, I think my obesity was the direct cause of it. In other cases, I'm not sure it's so cut-and-dried...and it's part of a whole litany of possible symptoms (e.g., insulin resistance, hirsutism, obesity, amenorrhea, cycstic ovaries).