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  1. Okay about a month ago I went to the gyno for burning, itching and thick white discharge. She tested me for a yeast infection which I didnt have so she said I had vaginitis and gave me a creme for it. Well it didn't seem to do anything. I also at the time had symptoms of a UTI which she did not test me for..I should have insisted. Now I have burning/tingling around the urthera area with itching and discharge. I looked at my symptoms online and I'm pretty sure I have a UTI (I have all the symptoms except blood). But is itching/tingling and discharge normal with a UTI or is there something else wrong still? Also my gyno is booked for the next 2 weeks, so can a general doctor diagnose a UTI and can they see what's going with the itching and discharge too or do I need to wait to go to the gyno?

    Also this may be a little...TMI...sorry. But I looked and I could also have Chlamydia. But the thing is I have not had sexual intercourse for months. But I have used um...."adult toys" that have not been shared with anyone. I know you can get yeast infections from those but can you get Chlamydia from them? I was too embarrassed to tell my doctor the last time that I had been using I just said I wasn't sexually active at the moment.
  2. A general doctor can diagnose a UTI. When I first got symptoms, it was a Saturday so I went to a general doctor. He asked me a few questions, used a stethoscope to listen to my heart/breathing, and then told me his opinion and gave me a prescription. I don't think itching and discharge are normal with a UTI. It could be a combination of things that you are suffering from.

    And although you may not have had any sexual partners for months, you still could have chlymidia. It usually doesn't have any symptoms and you could now just be feeling the symptoms.
  3. I doubt you can get a sexually transmitted infection from a toy that has not been shared. There has to be some sort of virus there for it to spread to you. I am not sure how long or if the Chlamydia virus stays dormant. You may want to look into that or perhaps someone else can tell you.
    The best way to ease your worry right now is to simply go to the gyno. If you think this gyno is not doing her job properly by not giving you a proper diagnosis, go to another one.
  4. does it smell?
    a fishy smell could b Baterial Vaginosis
  5. I used to get a lot of UTIs, and primarily for me, the symptoms were painful urination, frequent urge to urinate but not really being able to, and blood in the urine. I never had a discharge, and from discussions with other friends who had them, I don't think it's very common.

    I hate to say it, but I really think it's something else (not necessarily chlamydia, to be honest it sounds like bacterial vaginosis to me, which can happen just from your natural bacteria getting out of whack. Could even be an allergy to bubble bath or something like that.) BV doesn't necessarily have the fishy smell for everyone.

    Have you explained to your gyn/gyn's nurse that you aren't recovered from something she already treated you for? They should try to slot you in or at least get you in with someone else in the practice. If they don't, I would think your regular doctor could test for it.

    And, just my opinion, you don't need to tell them about the sex toys if you aren't comfortable with it, since you haven't shared the toys with anyone. I probably wouldn't, even though I know intellectually it's silly to be embarrassed about it. I think they should just go ahead and culture based on you being sexually active months ago, that's enough of a risk for them to check things out.
  6. no there isn't any strange smell..

    A question to those that have had the bacterial vaginosis...what kind of medication were you given? I was given a creme for the outside. Are there suppository or pills? The creme I was given is Clotrimazole. So is it that I maybe need something else?

    So a general doctor can or cannot diagnose vaginosis/that kind of stuff? I really hate to wait 2 weeks to go to the gyno...and you know how trying to find a new doctor is...
  7. Your general doctor should be able to diagnose BV or whatever else might be going on. Might need to send the culture out to the lab, but should be able to order the tests. I do think it's ridiculous that your gyn won't fit you in before 2 weeks; I'd start looking for a new one.

    I had no smell when I had BV. I think I had oral antibiotics for it -- Flagyl, which I only remember bc it was the most bitter tasting stuff ever -- but they can do a cream. This article has a link to a table with the various treatment regimens as well: Oral treatment appears to be more effective.

    The article also contains an interesting quote, if you're fretting over it as an STD-type thing (I was in a multi-year monogamous relationship when I got it, so I was freaked, and my doc emphasized it's not necessarily sexually transmitted, can just be your system getting out of whack): "Some controversy remains over the sexual transmission of bacterial vaginosis. While it occurs more commonly in women with more than one sexual partner, bacterial vaginosis can also occur in women who are not yet sexually active."
  8. Thanks kimberf!
    I will try to make an appointment tomorrow or early next week.
    The issue with the gyno is she is one of the few in the area who speaks fluent english. I'm not comfortable risking my bad japanese in something medical related (I'm freaking out enough going to the doctors and speaking english as it is) and my japanese friends are all don't want to bring them along to translate lol. I have a regular gyno in the states but for emergencies like this I obviously can't just hop on a plane and go to him.
  9. Hmm, IMO it might be a good idea to tell your doc about the sex toys. This might also be TMI but I've heard that no matter how clean you keep them, certain types (like, depending what they're made of) collect bacteria and need to be thrown out after awhile, otherwise they put you at risk for infections. If they diagnose you next time you see the gyno, then you can keep quiet about them, but if they really can't figure out what you have, telling them this information might help them pinpoint what you have. I don't know what the culture of doctors is in Japan but at least in the US doctors have pretty much seen/heard everything and will be really understanding.
    I'm really sorry you're going through all this... and I hope you can find a doctor who speaks English and can see you soon--that's definitely gotta make your experience much more stressful. :sad:
  10. actually I'm pretty sure it was the sex
    I normally use it with a condom but the one time I didn't.....yeah.
    maybe the first time I should have just said I was sexually active. I just decided not to because I'm not "really" and I wanted to avoid any unnecessary testing.. But having to go back just sucks worse.

    It does make it more stressful...It really limits the doctors I can see. Also I prefer the places who do western style medicine (further limiting my options) because I'm not comfortable with how some of the medical stuff is handled here. For example its not uncommon for the doctor to use a curtain during a gyno exam and then another doctor to tell you the results. I feel better seeing the doctor... Also sometimes if you have something really serious like cancer...they will the next of kin to tell you and NOT YOU, which I would not be happy about at all.
  11. If I were you I'd just tell them I'd been sexually active if you worry about the sex toys, and feel uncomfortable mentioning it. If they ask why you didn't mention it the first time around, say it was just once or something and you forgot :p Either way, I hope they figure it out and you get treatment that works. :flowers:
  12. Perhaps I missed this in the thread, but did you get tested for chlamydia as well? It is asymptomatic more often than not, meaning NO symptoms. But it's an easy treatment with 1 round of antibiotics b/c it is bacterial.