Gym wear with Birkins – yay or nay?

  1. Although I am in full-time salaried employment, the flexible and home-based nature of it means that I often am at liberty to run errands during the work day and I fit in a couple of Pilates sessions twice a week as well. In fact, I combine my Pilates sessions with errands, so I am running about in my yoga gear.

    I am wondering what everyone thinks about carrying a Birkin while in gym gear, e.g. yoga wear or even bicycle shorts? Although the Birkin is more casual than the Kelly, do you think carrying a Birkin with gym wear is a fashion faxu pas? Or perhaps wearing yoga gear on the streets is the first no-no? :confused1:

    I go into the office a couple of times a week, so I don't often have a chance to dress up. And it seems such a waste to have lovely Birkins going nowhere.
  2. I do this ever so regularly. Especially when I have a lunch date after gym. I will go to my gym in my gym gear and Birkin. And then shower and change into streetwear before I go into town.
  3. go ahead my dear. yoga pants and birkins go hand in hand. well personally i would not do bycicle short but any kind of yoga wear is fine.
    and if other people stare just stare right back to them or politely ask if you are offending them and their aesthetic values.
  4. IMO, a Birkin is fine, a Kelly would look out of place.

    A Birkin, esp a floppy one, looks kind of like a gym bag, or briefcase anyway.
  5. Same here.
  6. I take a Kelly sometimes too.
  7. Life is too short. Wear your Birkin with whatever you like and enjoy!
  8. Wear whatever you like, especially a floopy one. :p
  9. I think it is doable but certain color and leather combos would look a bit strange, IMHO.
  10. In general I would say yes, soft-skin birkins can be worn casually.
  11. I know that people might disapprove, but I use my birkin when I am dressed for the gym all the time. I stay home and go to the gym every morning. I always intend to shower right after but I always get busy and never do. I just posted a pic in the action thread the other day . . . as a way of sort of admiting/confessing that this, unfortunately, the most common way that I am seen with my birkin.

  12. Wear it girlfriend!! The more the better!!!! I am always in my gym I often cannot find the time for my shower until much later in the day. While I don't own a birkin (....yet) I will wear my trim, evelyne, or new Victoria with whatever I happen to be wearing.
  13. Renee Zelweger was photographed once in grey sweat pants carrying Starbucks in one hand and a red crocodile sellier kelly bag in the other. But then again, she is a superstar, and looks adorable no matter what she wears. I agree, no one else would look too cute doing this.

    I have also heard that unlike a lot of other stars who have their people call corporate when they want a bag, she just calls up the store herself and asks if they have one. I find this endearing. It makes the whole kellybagwithsweats thing more endearing, too.

    You have to look at the way modern women use their bags in the context of their life. While at first I find the pairing of a Hermes bag with sweats shocking, on second glance, I find it fearless. I see a woman too busy with and focused on her real life, to change her clothes or bag, and somehow confident enough that its all going to work.
  14. Rozane, I am in a very similar working situation as you and use my birkins ALL the time with my yoga gear. I actually love the way it looks. Thats whats nice about birkins you can dress them up or down. Plus they are my work horse bags...:smile:
  15. To be stylish no matter what you're wearing? Sure, it's YOUR birkin gal and you have one life so live it the way YOU want! :tup:

    But I can't and don't, because I used to work in that industry, and even (or especially) nice gyms have people who do temp sign ups and break the locks on lockers to steal whatever they can carry in their big gym bag. Rolex's were the #1 target for a while... they watch people walk in with them but not work out with them, then go back to the locker room, nick the Rolex, and bail out.

    My BFF used to cram an LV in her locker til it happened at our gym...

    Of course, if you just put the bag down in the workout room where you can see it, or cleverly hidden in your car or something, I say go for it!