Gym Rat Eats Too Much!

  1. That's my problem. I exercise and weight train intensely 5 days a week but take in too many calories of even healthy food. There use to be balance and control in my lifestyle but not lately due to a very long plateau...the scale would not move down. Any advice on how to reap the benefits of a great exercise/weight training schedule by adjusting food intake would be appreciated.
  2. Do you eat before you workout? You should eat something before each workout to fuel you, that way you may not be so hungry after.

    But realize that with how much you are working out being hungry is ok... sometimes your body just takes time to start getting the metabloism up
  3. You could try taking protein drinks after the workout...which will fill you up and helps to heal the muscle. Also if you incorporate a few protein drinks a day you should see a place of snacks that is.
    I should listen to my own advice.
  4. Maybe just set a time limit of when you should not eat... say no more food/snacks after 7 or 8pm. And it's not the end of the world, because you will have breakfast the next morning. That is essentially wat the morning is, to "break" your "fast." Or try eating more protein to keep your hunger stabilized? You can also just set specific days of the week where you eat less than ur intake, and your body's metabolism will still burn the same amount as if your body did consume the calories :smile:
  5. this is a GREAT plan.. and it works!! :biggrin:
  6. What about looking at your macronutrient ratios? Making sure you're getting a good balance of carbs, protein and healthy fats in every meal? When I was eating to lose body fat, my split was 40 percent protein, 30 percent carbs and 30 percent healthy fats. I made sure I got one gram of protein per pound of body weight and kept my carbs around 170 to 200 grams per day. It was hard for me to keep up :shame: However, I was never hungry, and my caloric intake was around 2000 per day. I ate clean, unprocessed foods, cut out simple sugars and carbs, and only had one "cheat" day where I let myself have whatever I wanted.

    I agree with Danica about having a protein serving after your weight training sessions. Just eating in general before and after your workout is a good thing :biggrin:
  7. That sounds like the plan! Can anyone recommend some tasty protein drinks? I've been doing what Oprah says and not eating past 7:30 and then I have to force myself to eat some breakfast.....the late afternoon is when I am so hungry!
  8. Myoplex Lite for Chocolate Lovers and also their Tropical flavors! It is absolutely yummy...

    For Chocolate lovers - they have this Chocolate Peanut Butter one that is so yummy... Chocolate Mint

    But my favorite is the tropical flavors one: banana cream pie... coconut cream pie, peaches and cream... I forget what else...

    The only problem is that I find them a little too sweet, so I add twice as much water to it to dilute it. I wish they wouldn't do that.
  9. Are you actually hungry or thirsty? I've heard that people usually can't tell these feelings apart. You might need a lot more water and maybe salt but not food. I've realized that my food craving at night was actually a need for salt... if you take in too little salt you will also drink too little water, and since you're working out you shouldn't only have more water but also nutrients.

    However, if you really feel hungry after working out I'd suggest some cottage cheese, maybe put some vegetables and low fat meat into it. that stuff should provide enough protein for adding muscles
  10. That sounds pretty good....I do like cottage cheese but I've only had it with fruit, not meat or veggies.
  11. I like to put cucumber and ham in it, also good on bread :nuts: