Gwyneth's Diamond Ring?

  1. HI can someone post a pic of the ring Gwyneth Paltrow wears in a Perfect Murder? I love it and want to find something like it. TIA!:tup:
  2. Hi here is the pic:

    the ring used in the film is the same design that is now a part of Waterman’s line; known aptly as “The Perfect Murder” ring. Available at

    Taken from this blog:

    The perfect murder wardrobe -

    Part one the jewelry she wore:

    Part two is the clothing she wore:

    Part three is the kelly bag she carried:

    HTH :smile:
  3. Beautiful ring. I agree character was very classic understated rich looking.
  4. That's a beautiful ring. I love band rings like that. How pretty.
  5. Thanks for posting this! My favorite part of the movie has always been Gwyneth's jewlery -- I guess I'm not the only one who loves her look. I may have to rewatch to see the Kelly now that I'm into bags too.
  6. I love this film too and have always like the wedding band especially.

    I must be one of the only people who doesn't really rate the bag though - I love the big Sheepskin Coat though!
  7. I'm a huge Grace Kelly fan but can't get into the Kelly bag at all. It was a suprise to me that she would carry that style of bag.

    I will have to watch this movie now. :smile:
  8. oh now I want to watch this movie again. Thank you for the post.
  9. wow great ring!
  10. It looks expensive, but a beautiful one...
  11. Thanks in2style! I've been away so this is a little late but really appreciate this!
  12. It is very wide on the finger. Order up at least one full size. It takes about 8 weeks to have one made, and cannot be sized. The diamonds used are perfect in whiteness and clarity. The designer is the best!
  13. I love that ring!
  14. You're very welcome! :smile:

    If it wasn't for you asking that question I would never have found that blog and realised I need to see that movie since Gwyneth plays such a stylish charcter. So thank you also.
  15. i don't remember much about the movie...but i remember her incredible and tasteful jewelry/watch/clothing