Gwyneth's Balenciaga Bag

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  1. she's so elegant! I really like her :biggrin:
  2. looks good.
  3. i totally love that bag on her! i wish it looks that good on me!
  4. looks good
  5. She always looks great~ and the b-bag is TDF!
  6. Gwyneth looks fab!
  7. She is such a beauty, she makes everything she wears or carries look fabulous!
  8. her bag is so cute!
  9. She's so classy!!
  10. i want her bag! she is so gorgeous, sophisticated, and yet... NORMAL!
  11. I love Gwyneth's simple but elegant style!
  12. Well, she DID name her kid "Apple"...of course, if that was after a b-bag I think we could understand. :lol: I liked her a lot until she dissed the U.S. saying that England had parks for kids to play in--um, we have parks....and that she like British taxis because she could put her stroller in without collapsing it down. It just made her sound kind of ditzy, which is not the impression that I had of her. :amazed:

    But her b-bag is fab!
  13. Yeah, I was a big fan of hers, until she started acting like she knows better than everybody else when it comes to having babies. She said that a lot of female stars get it all wrong (that they want to achieve something in their careers?), they should go have babies and be happy. Wow how arrogant. Yes not everybody is lucky like her, to have gotten an Oscar at the age of 26 (not to mention to have high profile parents who have friends like Spielburg). That doesn't mean people who are career-driven 'get it all wrong' just because they are not having babies like she is.

    And the whole thing about her father's death. Perhaps I liked her so I paid attention to her interviews, quotes, etc. She talked about losing her father A LOT, like she was the only one who knew how it was like.

    I still think she is very stylist, and pretty, but I am not a big fan of her personality anymore.
  14. I am no Gwyneth fan; she comes off as too self-righteous for my tastes. I VASTLY prefer her mother!

    However, she wears her black b-bag very well.
  15. ^^^ Agreed! Plus the fake British accent, OMG