Gwyneth's Balenciaga Bag

  1. has photos of Gwyneth with her trusty black city bag that she uses all the time no matter what the weather.....she had it at the Live 8 concert in London last summer as well.
  2. [​IMG]

    I just adore Gwyneth...and her bag!
  3. She's probably got at least 5 of them!:P :biggrin:
  4. that bag is gorgeous! there seem to be a few celebs (gwyneth and kirsten dunst) that have used the same black balenciaga forever and you really get to see how it distresses.. it makes me want a black balenciaga so badly! haha
  5. I :love: it.
  6. classy!
  7. awww I cant see the pic :sad:
  8. ^^ me neither!
  9. Here it is!

  10. love her
  11. this bag has been her companion through her two pregnancies! i remember she was carrying this around when she was pregnant with apple... and she's been spotted toting it around again lately.
  12. I love her taste!
  13. I've only ever seen her with the one. It's a black City with the silver hardware. I love that she doesn't carry 90 million of these things (a la nicole richie). It makes more of a statement that way.
  14. I just love Gwyneth. She is just so fabulous and stylish. LOVE her black city.
  15. The City looks so small on her! She must be very tall... as opposed to Miss Richie, and me ;)