gwyneth paltrow's scarf?

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  1. Does anyone know the brand or where to find something similar? I love that it's soooooooo large. TIA!

  2. As it is so large it is probably a pashmina. I have a lot of them and they are blanket sized so you can wrap them around you. I got mine from relatives in Pakistan but there are other versions available.
  3. No other ideas or brands?
  4. Sunrise!!!
  5. i've seen her pictured wearing a lot of white and warren cashmere scarves. they're very big and can double as wraps. maybe that's one of them?
  6. bump!
  7. This looks like an Hermes cashmere shawl. Go over to Hermes and look at their "Ode to the Cashmere Shawl" thread. Definitely looks like one of those beauties.
  8. Darn, that's too far out of my price range. If anyone seeing something similar - please let me know! :flowers:
  9. Gwyneth Paltrow large shawl scarf On the Road Again looks nice.
  10. ^^I don't see where it says that???
  11. All the scarves she wore on that programme were gorgeous. That's a nice coat in this pix.
  12. I wish I could find something similar. Everything I've seen so far is too regular sized. G's looks almost like a mini blanket or something.