Gwyneth Paltrow's handbag

  1. Hello lovelies! I'm kind of an amateur at identifying handbags so I think I'm gonna need a little help here :smile: I am in LOVE with Gwyneth's handbag in this picture! (see attachment) I'm thinking it's Gucci but I don't know... Does anyone know which designer its by?
  2. Balenciaga
  3. that is an INTENSE looking bag! Does anyone know what style Balenciaga it is? Definitely doesnt like like a motorcycle bag to me, & I wanna know now, too :smile:
  4. I don't recall what it's called, but I remember they had a purple version that was really hot looking.
  5. Balenciaga Moon bag. There are more pics in the Balenciaga subforum. Now that the "search" feature is working again, you can do a search for "Balenciaga Moon" and see a bunch of threads, including some GORGEOUS modelling pics! And welcome to TPF!!
  6. You guys are awesome, thank you so much! I looked it up right away! I checked out the purple one, but this gorgeous brown one appealed to me more (I'm a sucker for brown leather). It's funny 'cause I'd seen it a month ago at Harvey Nichols and I was drooling over it, and when I saw the picture I'd totally forgotten it was the same one! It's really hard to find online though :sad: Does anyone know where I can purchase this online?
  7. Aloha Rag ( sells Balenciaga (I just bought a beautiful City from them) but I don't know if they carry the Moons. Maybe check out the Shopping sub-subforum in the Bal subforum and see if it's mentioned there. Aloha Rag doesn't list their Bal stock on the website so you have to email or phone them to find out what they have. They ship worldwide, and it's free for purchases over $500.
  8. I've never used that site before so maybe I am doing something wrong or maybe they are sold out but I can't find any Balenciaga on the aloharag site..
  9. You have to phone or email them to find out what Bal stock they have. It's not on the site. They're very helpful. I emailed them when I was shopping for my City and they sent a list of all the Cities they had in stock, including the stock photos for each colour.

    Here's a link to the thread about reputable sellers - it lists the online retailers:

    Also, definitely check out the Balenciaga Shopping sub-subforum. There's lots of good info there.

    Actually, it's funny that I'm answering all the Bal questions since I'm relatively new to Balenciaga!
  10. The bag is gorgeous!
  11. Thank you Sialia, you've been really helpful! :biggrin: I love this forum LOL
  12. No problem! I love it here, too. I'm so glad there are so many others who share my...ummmm....well let's just call it a "hobby" (although my husband would call it "addiction", "insanity", "waste of time and money"...).