Gwyneth Paltrow

  1. she looks very cute:yes:
    gwyneth-paltrow-daniel-henney08.jpg gwyneth-paltrow-daniel-henney09.jpg gwyneth-paltrow-daniel-henney12.jpg gwyneth-paltrow-daniel-henney15.jpg gwyneth-paltrow-daniel-henney17.jpg
  2. she's pretty in the classic sense.
  3. Love the white bag!!! Could someone tell me what it is?
  4. she looks fab!!!

    the bag chloe.. i think??
  5. The shoes in the last two photos are very interesting looking. But they look as though they would be very uncomfortable! She looks fabulous.
  6. she is one of the classiest women out there!:love::love:
    she looks beautiful, and i love the white bag too!!!:heart:
  7. STUNNING!!!:love:
  8. I love the shoes and I love the way she is holding her baby-like a real mother not like a celebrity
  9. She has a great sense of style, she always looks so classy.
    I :heart: her, her kids are so cute!!
  10. Classic beauty ....

    adore her look..[​IMG]
  11. Her hair always looks so perfect. I'm jealous.

    Are these recent pics? Where is she that she'd need a coat like that in recent days?
  12. I thought she was pregnant again? Her and Julia and Reese are supposedly preggo.
  13. I hadn't heard Gwyn is pregnant....she JUST had a baby a couple months ago, right?

    Her hair is so gorgeous. And she is very, very elegant and classy. That white bag looks great on her!
  14. Random comment -- how hot is that tall Asian man in the plaid sweater behind Gwyn in the first photo???