Gwyneth Paltrow White Tote- Please Help! Which Brand

  1. Hi ladies,

    I saw this bag on Gwyneth Patrow and I can't for the life of me figure out who makes it. Please help. I love this bag. If anyone can fingure out who makes bags, it's here. I will be forever thankful!:shrugs:

    I hope the pics work since I took them with my cell but the bag is a white tote, a front pocket similar to Chloe's Edith bag, with two buckles.
    145623371909_100_1.jpg 145623371909_3300_1.jpg
  2. I'd love to know too!!!

    Do you have a larger photo?
  3. Here is another photo.

    there seems to be a blue label on front.
  4. reply Ill try to get a closee shot.
  5. its in Star Magazine and she is on the set of The Good Night, i think. This is as close as I could get.

    145626970501_100_1.jpg 145627164421_100_1.jpg
  6. Only the first image works for me, I can't view the close-ups.
  7. its a large white tote and i put pics under the same thread in the Celebrity section. maybe you can see those? it has a front pocket with two buckle straps and some sort of blue tag plate on the front.
  8. if you click on the photos they "should" get bigger...
  9. I'm pretty sure it's not Chloe b/c I have seen the exact model/brand online somewhere. Have to do some searching again.
  10. I thought Chloe too but its not exact. The lining 'might' be red because along the handles i can see the leather is red. even though the handles are white, the seams are Red in color. and the handles look like metal clasps keep them on, much like B bags. Thanks for helping ladies! I just fell in love with the bag and its rare I find a white leather bag i actually like! Its sooo cute and classy at the same time
  11. I might be totally wrong (no expert here) but something about it says Marc Jacobs to me...maybe post in that sub-forum??? Good luck- it IS beautiful...
  12. Thank you Betnyp. im going to check MJ now. I dont think it is but its worth a try :idea: :idea:
  13. Hi Bet.
    not MJ least nothing current that I could find. Im trying to either find the logo plate on front or perhaps define it by the corners of the bag. they have three small metal "grommets" (i think thats what they're called). the search continues....
  14. It's definitely not MJ. I have seen this bag online, I just don't remember where. =(