Gwen Stephani Fendi Spy Bag!!!!!

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  1. WHO IS SELLING THIS BAG? I t was in instyle mag for Jan/:biggrin: 06

  2. do you have a picture?
  3. Sorry, I don't know what happend!

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  4. I'm afraid that bag is from S/S 05, so it's completely sold out. I've seen one with black handles and one with green handles on ebay occassional, so that's your best bet. Seems like the fake bag makers still don't have the lizard finish right, so as long as the leather has the lizard finish, it should be authentic.
  5. I love this bag!!! I really badly want it!! the red and white go so well together!! perfect for summer! wish I could get hold of one, But I'll keep my eyes open :smile: check out ebay, EVERY DAY! :smile: