Gwen Stefani, L A.M.B for sportssac

  1. Actually, I really like this bag, It is so durable and roomy. I use it sometimes when the weather is wet and snowy here in the City.

    What do you think of the bag? Or The Le sport sac line ?
  2. I am in LOVE with the tokidoki style!
  3. Hi! I love Gwen Stefani and so does my daughter. I got her a Le Sportsac LAMB bag (the red one Gwen usually totes!) last year, and when I wanted to get some more, the saleslady at the store said that Gwen had already stopped designing for Le Sportsac. In fact, the bag I purchased was one her last lines.
    Would you know where her designs are available now? I only know of her SHOES at one of the big dept stores.
    Love, Pia :smile:
  4. the l.a.m.b. line is discontinued. your best bet is ebay :smile:

    i personally LOVE the l.a.m.b. bags! they're cute.
  5. I have a large red hobo bag and I love it!!! I recently purchased a matching red W.D.M.L.G.? Cashmere scarf to go with and they look cute together.

    Good quality bags, seem to never get shabby. I paid retail for my bag $95 but now they are going for big bucks online! Crazy. They where just sitting at lord and taylor on discount. I should have picked them all up to flip on ebay to fund my LV obsession!