Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B bags

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  1. Thanks knasarae! Me dos:heart:(two)!
  2. i was nodding and taking notes while reading the post about this how-to-fix-scratches idea.. just in case it gets buried.. lol.. thank you ladies.. :flowers::flowers:
  3. Accessories curretnly avail as of 6pm at Saks Off 5th at The Block at Orange, California.

  4. I think willyouletgo was looking for a cheetah oxford... and methinks I see one in that pic!
  5. oooh I definitely love that saddle wallet...I'm going to call first thing in the morning and hope it's not gone! does it look like regular saddle or lipstick to you ladies? I hope it's not the same scratched up lipstick one I saw about a month back...I'll have to ask when I call
  6. also I sent out PM's of the pics, so if they don't work for anyone let me know, I'll repost...and I hope I got it to everyone, if not I didn't forget you I'm just frazzled and just got back from class!
  7. I just got the new marie claire magazine. there is a page on gwen and her fashion if anyone cares.
  8. Its hard to tell. But I will bet 5.00 its lipstick just for the hell of it.....aww maybe not..I dont know.:confused1: I will be going to Off Saks in the AM. I am gonna go ahead and return my rasta mandeville and get something bigger in rasta. I wont have to spend a dime! GREAT!:yahoo:
  9. oooooh a bigger rasta bag!! Can't wait to see what you pick up! Is there a particular one you want?
  10. ok so I just went to the bloomies website to see if they have any new spring lamb (they only have the mod button blouse so far! how can they just have one piece??). I typed in l.a.mb.. and the site asked me "did you mean to type lame?" Gah! The website has caught on to my bf's favorite nickname for my favorite brand...
  11. Uhh Bloomingdales ticks me off. They never have anything i need, my orders never go through enough to make it here..just BAD! I always type in lamb, and it brings everything they have up which is usually nothing much.

    I think I am gonna get the montego, kingston, or just depends on the prices..or maybe the lipstick mandeville. I dont know...I love how the rasta looks on the westfield though, the colors totally cover it which is HOT!
  12. I was there about 7:00 (just missed ya LL!) and didn't see it :confused1:
  13. [​IMG]
  14. ^ I think many people would agree with you on the bloomingdales thing...I've only ordered from them once and it was alright.

    I can't wait to see what you get for your new rasta bag though! I never really considered the westfield but I agree that the colors look great on that bag. :yes: but when you say lipstick mandeville I want you to get both!! I got my mandeville recently and can't stop carrying it, it gets lots of compliments! :heart:
  15. YIKES! I put it on hold for someone who asked first (under a super-secret name) :graucho: If she doesn't want it, then she can post/PM willyouletgo.
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