Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B bags

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  1. Does anyone have one of her bags? I think they're really cute...
  2. i've got a whole bunch, although i used to have more....
  3. I have a large Red Hella Hobo. I loves it! I have the matching cashmere scarf too.
    Gwen is my idol!
  4. I'm a HUUUGE Gwen fan! i've got the first season guitar strap small hella hobo, mega red small hella hobo, mega red baby barrel, mega red backstage, icon multi baby barrel, blackonwhite 2nd season kiki purse. i used to have the lambi cambi small hobo, but had to part with it. i wasn't really feelin' da camoflauge vibe~~

    i collect pieces from her clothing line as well! i wear lamb everyday practically! she's my idol too! Love her! :love:
  5. I have the large penmanship hobo. It's my throw around bag because it's so easy to keep clean.
  6. I had one that I ordered offline because I loved the pictures. I used it for a little, but to be honest I was disappointed in the quality. It was made of a nylon material that looked/felt a little cheap to me so I sold it on ebay. I did however make a lot of money on it, the bidding went up really high!
  7. Yeah, you can resell L.A.M.B bags for quite a bit on ebay now. I think they are making counterfeit ones now too, though.

    I wasn't disappointed in the quality, because I knew it was a collaboration with Lesportsac and all Lesportsac bags are made of nylon. Mine has held up really well, considering how old it is and how I treat it.
  8. I have 5 bags and my favorite is the large tote with the guitar strap handles. Whenever I use one of the bags I get comments...everyone loves the cute gold hanging lamb charm.
  9. Can I see some pix of authentic L.A.M.B bags, especially the sling/messenger bags? My little sister is so crazy over it but since they are discontinued now, e-bay seems to be the only option. I know nothing about this line, so can't help her and really hope she doesn't end up with a fake. Thanks...
  10. I had the first edition guitar strap girlfriend bag. I bought it new on ebay for $80 and sold it on ebay for $300.00. I really miss it, though. It was just too large for me. I love Gwen! My daughter used to sing "Hey Baby Hey Baby Hey!" when she was 3 yrs old, it was soooo cute. Her granny asked her what her favorite song was (thinking she'd say Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or something) and she busts out with Hey Baby.

    Damn I miss that bag!
  11. I have the beaded limited edition bag. I have never used it. It's beautiful but I have so many bags that I always end up using one of my other ones instead ( I am a bit of a Chanel addict;) ). Perhaps my daughter will use it one day.....:shrugs:
  12. I really like the design and style but have never bought one
  13. I have the medium sized hobo in black. I forgot all about that bag, I think I'll use it one day this week!
  14. Had one. But sold on Ebay. The LAMB LOVE ANGEL Hobo black and white one.
  15. They're discontinued? ebay only? at $300?!?!
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