Gwen/L.A.M.B on Oprah???

  1. Just a random thought, what if we try to get Gwen/L.a.m.b/ND on Oprah's finale season. I feel that Gwen is such a trailblazer in womens' fashion and music and doesn't get the mainstream exposure she deserves because she is not acting out. I think it would be so great if maybe her fall or spring line was focused on the show (like a look at what goes on to make the line, inspirations, or fashion week). Or maybe No doubt could preview a song from there upcoming cd. What do u think? I sent it in as a suggestion on Oprah's web page about a week ago.
  2. She has been on before promoting L.A.M.B.
  3. Really when?
  4. ^ A long time ago. Let me see if I can find when it was.

    On that show Oprah wore a red classic cardi. Ugh it was beautiful!
  5. Ok I can't seem to find a video or anything from the show at all. But it was on february 22, 2005. It was the "celebrity surprises" episode.

    Here is 1 pic I found of her from the show.

    I have seen a pic of her and oprah together before and now, I can't seem to find it at all. I'm determined tho!

    Ooooh unless you see this kelly! I know you are good at finding things online! lol. ;)
  6. I've searched loads for the video to, not online :sad: Probably gets removed everytime it's on youtube.

    Yes! The red cardi Oprah wore, I so want!
  7. I can't believe I missed those. Thanks guys
  8. You rang?? :p

    I've searched like crazy. I remember watching that episode.

    Everything In Time used to have a video but it won't download. And can't find anything on Youtube.

    EDIT: Found a video:

    I did find these pics:

    I think Oprah doesn't like her stuff floating around on video. Pfft.
  9. ^ That's the pic kelly!!! haha! I knew YOU could find it! :biguns:
  10. Teehee! And the entire Gwen segment from Oprah. I somehow managed to track it down. That was a tough one to find!
  11. ^ But you are so awesome you DID find it! You rock Kel! :hugs:

    Oh and I would also like to say that even though she has already been on, I would LOOOOVE to see her on Oprahs show again! :nuts:
  12. Hahahahah I remember this!! One of the very few episodes of Oprah's show I've ever watched. ;)