guys.. would you buy from this seller?

  1. well.. something i thought was weird...

    this seller

    has no feedback on selling, doesn't accept paypal :nogood:.. yet he's making a whole lot of money for all those items that are selling at over 1k each

    pictures seem like mostly stock right? or he's just so professional on taking pictures??:confused1: and the listings are just odd.. i dunno how to say it.. just money order, no paypal or any other option.. is that even safe to buy from him?

    how come for a new seller he seems to be so successful? i had my first chloe bag sold on eBay a while a back for only 650 bucks when it's an almost 2k value bag... mann, i wanna be like him
  2. With the Private USER ID he himself could be bidding up his own items - you would never know... It looks weird!!
  3. Yeah I saw this guy too a few days ago but I didn't add any of his items to my watchlist. Maybe I'm paranoid but I feel safer buying preloved bags instead of brand new with tags which are more often fake. I say this and yet end up buying them outside of eBay from reputable dealers anyway! So yes-I'm paranoid. hehe.
  4. oh.. probably shilling then.. it just seems so weird that new seller, auction listing, payment method, i guess i want add anything onto my watch list either
  5. the way he has the pics done, no paypal, private listing with no option to check for shill bidding... no point in risking i think !:tdown:
  6. Def shilling to make it look like he's reputable and has a lot of interest.
  7. Yeah way, too risky. It's always a turnoff for me when I see someone using a stock photo or a photo of a celebrity with the bag/clothing item etc. on as their gallery picture. I already KNOW what it looks like, that's why I'm interested, I'm more interested in seeing the actual item I'll be receiving, you know?
    Anyway I wouldn't trust this one.
  8. no, i wouldn't. also, the seller is from germany but lists his auctions in france? why does he have two or more identical bag?
  9. And if you look at his feedback. All the feedback is for items that are very low in $$$. And he is always the buyer.

    So looks like he tried to build up some feedback w/ low $$ stuff before he decided to start scamming people!!

    SO OBVIOUS he is a scammer!!! :rolleyes:
  10. Scammer - avoid at all costs.
  11. i usually run away from this, picture are all from stock.:tdown:
  12. so where is the seller... US, Germany, or France? lol
  13. Not only shilling and stock photos, he's copy/pasted his auction text from blogs and wikipedia. I really hope nobody legitimate is bidding on these - with any luck he'll win his own auctions and be stuck with final value fees at his inflated prices.
  14. I emailed this seller asking if the bag was in his/her possession.
    This is the response:

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]hello, thank you for your interest. But please ask serious questions.Ore do you think I am just listing items for fun...?