Guys with Trevi

  1. Hi, Are there any guys that use the Trevi? What are your thoughts on the bag being used by a guy? My friend wants to know. Thanks. xx
  2. I'm a boy, pretty girly when it comes to purses. But I would not carry a Trevi, it's very girly. Neverfull is my max, but as long as he doesn't care about what people think/say. He can probably pull it off! Good luck! =)
  3. No way! Too feminine!
  4. sorry have to agree with this!! What about the sac plat??
  5. The speedy could be considered "girly" but guys rock it all the time. I personally never considered the Trevi to be all that feminine. I think it really depends on the guy. :thinking:
  6. Depends on whether he'd want to 'look' gay or not. Feminine gay men can really rock a trevi! I think it would be too feminine for a macho gay guy, a metrosexual or a hetrosexual.
  7. Hmmm...not feeling the Trevi on a guy. I love a guy with a speedy. LangDux had a MC bag and looked fabulous on him. Want my hubby's mod photo with my Trevi? lol
  8. The Trevi looks very feminine because of it's pleating and shape but if a dude want to rock it, heeeey, why not? Don't limit yourself to make society or people around your comfortable.
  9. Lmao about your husband. I'm a gay guy and don't support male Trevi wearers. I also don't support make speedy owners but langdu has proved me wrong! He looks great w that bag. I guess it's about how the person carries it but for over 2 grand, leave the Trevi to the girls and go for one of the manyyyy beautiful men's bags that most ladies probably can't pull off :P
  10. Trevi for guys?
    No comment :smile:
  11. Hmmm...makes sense..thanks:smile:

    Thanks for the opinion!

    He's thinking about the Damier Ebene Sac Plat as well.


    Hahaha...true:smile: it please!:smile:

    That's the spirit!:biggrin:

    Hahahaha...I like your honest opnion:smile:

    We should see LoVeinLA 's husband with Trevi!
  12. No wayyyyyyy !!!!
  13. If he loves it ...go for it:smile:
  14. Here is my wonderful hubby (together for 10 years)... 6 feet and 195 lbs carrying the PM. I call this love when he models a bag. He calls it extortion.

    (He just walked the dog, so not his best outfit. haha) Enjoy!
  15. Congratulations ! You have a great husband. The Trevi is a great bag.aybe he is not wearing the correct outfit. :smile: