Guys with Saint Laurent Sunset Bag?


Nov 22, 2006
I think the Sunset looks too feminine on a guy (sorry!). It's the combination of the chain strap, big YSL logo and relatively small size of the bag. Some guys are able to pull off chain bags like the Diorama and Boy Chanel, but I find that these work better when the bag is larger, or the chain strap can be removed and replaced with a detachable thick cross-body strap.

I'm a guy myself and I would not go for a bag like the Sunset.

What about the Uptown tote? If you want to stick with a YSL bag with a YSL logo, then I think that this one may be more suitable.

Or what about the Sac de Jour? That one is made for women and men. It doesn't have the YSL logo, but it is now a very recognizable YSL bag.
Aug 20, 2010
Hi guys!
I am considering getting a saint laurent sunset bag in black in the medium, any guys / men / boys out there that currently wear this bag? Not sure if it looks too feminine or not. haha

It’s perfectly alright for guys to use chain bags. I am looking at the new Sunset Souple myself. But get one of a size that looks proportional to your own body type and fits your needs at the same time.
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